Chapter 1

Have good lives

I am not deleting because I promised I would never, but this is goodbye, forever this time.
You all mean a lot to me , you have gotten me through tough times and I have done the same for a lot of you.
Sadly with my brain damage I cannot say ill miss you, in fact I've forgotten most of you before you got the chance to see this.
There are a handful of you who mean the world to me and you should know who you are
Stay strong
Be happy
Don't lose hope
Don't bother asking for my email; it is going next sometime
None of you need to worry about why I go, just know I'm finally happy
To the ones I love, again you know who you are, although my memory of you will fade I hope yours of me never do, I hope you look back and can say I made your days happier and if not then know that I tried
I joined this site three years ago in the hopes of becoming a writer
Now I am published.
When the writing slacked I fell in love, over and over, as is my weakness and each time was more real than the last.
Now I am finally with someone not just emotionally but face to face.
At one time I came here just to help the depressed... I would like to think I saved lives but ill settle for not having ruined any.
I am finally happy

So to draw a difficult goodbye to a close, please, find happiness, it's all I want for any of you


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