Gay insult rant

Gay insult rant

I did it again! Enjoy....i think...

Chapter 1

This is getting old

by: Amaysie
UPDATE: Added a little more to the rant.

I honestly don't know if anyone expected this. But i'm doing it anyway! We all know how sad and cruel society can be (especially on the internet) because some people just think they can go around and say whatever the hell they want. Normally i don't mind them because as we say in the brony fandom "Don't feed the parasprites"....BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS. We all know how the term "gay" has become an insult. And it think that's a piece of bullpoop. Like i know how a lot of people don't like gays and i'm TOTALLY cool with that. But when they use it as an insult when they dissagree with something...that's just stupid! Imagine if being gay was "the norm". And then when you insult someone by calling them straight. See? STUPID! I know that only about 10% of the people in the world is gay but how does that make them a bad thing? Sure i know it's mostly because gay people can't "DO IT" and can't make any children. But as i said before: Only about 10% of all people on the world is gay. And some people are unable to make children at all! Would that make them a bad thing? NO!! So if you think being gay is wrong then i don't give a flying fak if break the rules! Also you completely forget what gay actually MEANS!

Whenever you say for example "This video is so gay" it means "This video is so homosexual" which means "This video prefers to have a relationship with someone of the same gender". It makes ABSOLUTELY. NO. SENSE. Thank you for reading.


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