Chapter 1


so here is a list of some things that i know to be true;
because sometimes my head gets jumbled up and everything goes blurry and sometimes
i can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. and i need a starting point.

a tree is still a tree when it's burning, so i must still be a person while i'm drowning.
i love in a way that is completely self destructive, and i don't care.
god might be real, but at the same time he might not be, and i'm screwed either way.
hope cannot be a person.
i will always try to decorate a bad thing to make it beautiful with words.
there is always one person working harder in love.
hope is often a person.
sometimes when people can't cope they take it out on themselves, and sometimes they take it out on other people, and that's okay.
numbers are confusing and so is maths but no number can hurt you like people can so i submerge myself in them daily.
not all of us were meant to be heroes. or to be remembered.
this is not about food.
i am drowning in a sea of numbers and they are trying to kill me.
four years ago, i got lost inside a mirror and on top of scales.
i still haven't found my way back.


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