I Do.....(Niall Horan Fanfic)

"You’re always hoping that we make it
You always want to keep my gaze
Well you’re the only one I see
And that’s the one thing that won’t change"

Reyna: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Someone_Like_You/photoalbum/2420754

Leon Family: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Someone_Like_You/photoalbum/2420417

Chapter 1

Nervous (Niall's POV)

I took the last few steps up to Reyna's, my girlfriend's of one year and a half door. The thing is, I knew she wasn't home, I knew that only her family was. My heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's, this next step will surely change my life forever.

As I stared at the cherry red door in front of me, I couldn't bring my hand to ball into a fist and knock. As if I was frozen there, and the only I would was to breathe.

Come on, Nialler, if you can sing in front of millions of people than this should be a breeze. Shouldn't it? Even as my thoughts rumbled on, I still couldn't bring myself to knock o the door I've been through many times. I couldn't bring myself to talk to her family, to her father, which I've had millions of conversations before.

"Come on, be the man she needs," I whispered to myself, and that did the trick. I didn't even have to think twice, again, before my hand made contact with the door.

"I'll get it," I heard Hunter, Reyna's older but youngest and most over protective brother, call out to the rest of the family. He seemed surprise to see when he opened the door, his hazel green eyes proved it. "Oh hey man, Reyna is actually not here."

"I-I know, I actually came to talk...uh...to you and the rest of your family," I replied as I scratched the back of my head, not really making good eye contact with him.

"Oh...," he replied knowing that something was up, and I bet he had a clue what was happening. "Come on in."

He opened the door completely to give me space to pass, his eyes never leaving me, and anybody could tell he was in a deep thought. The atmosphere quickly changed as I stepped into the house. It always feels warm and bright in here, the place where a real family lives.

"Oh, hey son," Reyna's father said as soon as he saw me step into the living room. He is quite fond of me, and it's just happy that I make his little girl happy. "What are you doing here? Hunter, did you tell him that your sister is out with Eleanor?"

"Yes, sir. I did know that, I was actually...then one who ask Eleanor to take Reyna out, since I need to talk to you...to al of you," I replied letting the nerves get the best of me.

"Is everything alright?" he asked now concern turning of the television, as Hunter, Ashton, his wife, Rosalie, and him turned his attention towards me.

"Oh, yes everything is perfectly fine.Uh...may I sit down?"

"Of course, Niall. You don't even have to ask, you know that," replied Reyna's mom smiling kindly at me.

I sat down across from all them, so they could see me. Ashton looked the most anxious out of all them, since I texted him in that morning for he could be there. Here goes nothing.

"You all know how much I love Reyna, and how much she means to me. I just want you all to really know that I would never do anything to hurt her, and that I will always put her over everything. This past year and a half has had the best days of my life all thank to your daughter and sister. She just makes everything in my life better, she makes me better. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, she's the first person I think of when I wake up, and the last before I fall asleep. She means the world to me, literally." I stopped for a little while, through out the whole speech I was playing with my hands, and looking down at them.

"Niall, are you trying to say what I think you are?" Mrs. Leon spoke for the family, after I didn't continue.

"I guess, what I'm trying to say and ask is this," I replied finally looking up at them, while reaching into my coats pocket. I grabbed the small black box and opened it before laying it on the coffee table. Mrs. Leon gasped, while the boys stared at the ring, then back at me. "I know that in your culture the guy has to come and ask for the daughter's hand and your blessings, and I really want to do this right. I also know that it should only be the father, but since you are all really close and mean so much to Reyna, I want to have everybody's blessings. So, what I am asking your blessing on Marrying Reyna...Do I have it?"

"I guess I knew this day was coming," sighed Mr. Leon, looking straight me. "Ever since that first day I met you, actually. I've never seen Reyna so happy, and they way she looks at you and the way you look at her, well, if that isn't love than I don't know what is. Are you sure about this?"

"I've never been more sure of anything else in my life," I replied my heart racing with every second that went by.

"Than you have my blessing, all I ask is that you take care of my little girl," his words seemed to calm down, and I knew that I had his blessings than I had the rest of her family blessings.

"With my own life," I promised standing up to shake his hand, but instead he pulled into a hug. Soon enough I hugged everybody, they all wished me luck and told me how happy they were for me to finally be joining their family. Hunter even threated me, saying that if I ever do something to hurt his baby sister that he would personally come and kill me.

"Just, please make her happy. I know you already do, but she's my baby girl...my only girl and I only want what's best for her. That's why I am giving you my blessing, because you are what's best for her," Mr. Leon told me, his bright blue eyes looking into mine. Anybody could have seen that this was by far the hardest thing he has ever had to do, giving his a man the permission to take his baby girl from him.

We all heard the front the door open, and we all knew it was Reyna and Eleanor. I quickly grabbed the ring box and put in my jacket's pocket, before they entered the living room. Hunter had turned on the television to WWE and we all acted like we were watching it.

"Ni? What are you doing here?" Reyna quickly asked as soon as she entered the living room. I turn to see her smiling big, happy to see me. This is why I know this girl is for me, I would never stop get use to the way she acts when she sees. It's like she hasn't seen in me in forever, even though it has only been a day.



So, this is basically a wedding story, how the wedding planning goes and everything. It will be very romantic, and in some points it will get emotional. And, sorry, I just had to use my name! I just had to! Well, my first name, that is.


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