A Collection of My Finest...

Hi! Aria11 here! this little collection of poetry, will without a doubt turn big, but nonetheless, I present to you, the reader, a collection of my finest... Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

A Starry, Starry Night

When I look up, I see a sight,
A starry, starry night.
When I observe, I see the lights,
Of the starry, starry night.

The patterns and swirls, shining so bright,
A starry, starry night.
The many pictures packed in tight,
In that starry, starry night.

The morning rises, with the sun,
Doing things that are such fun,
And then, the day gives once it's done,
A starry, starry night.

A starry, starry night gives me,
The very reason to sigh and see.
To look to stare, hold my head high,
For the starry, starry night.

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