Group story sign ups ♥ UPDATED, AUTHORS CHOSEN!

Hey, there! I'm going to do a group story as well, if anybody is interested. So, there will be a total of seven characters, but I can narrow them down if there are less people who sign up. So, it would be really excellent if you join. It won't be a proper group story without you! No matter what your writing abilities are, you are welcome to enter! Thank you ♥~ Hayley~

Chapter 2

Meet the Trackers ♥

The Sharpshooters

♥ Name: Kevin Gordon
♥ Codename: Falcon
♥ Age: 18 and a half
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Sharpshooter
♥ Personality: Kevin is a slightly reserved, mysterious boy who doesn't like to talk a lot. When he does, though, the people around him listen. Kevin is extremely determined and will do anything to achieve his objectives. Although he appears harsh on the outside, he is compassionate on the inside and has a soft heart. His personality is kind of similar to Aryan's, with his determination and strength. Kevin can pick up small details that nobody else can, and he is slightly arrogant and cocky sometimes, but he is usually a friendly and nice guy. He has a strong sense of justice, and would fight for even a stranger on the streets, as long as he thinks they are in the right. He is very courageous and brave, and would do almost anything for his friends, family and loved ones. His complicated and mysterious past makes almost everyone convinced that he has a deep, dark secret.
♥ Appearance: Messy dark black hair that almost points in every direction, and piercing, sharp green eyes. He has a straight nose and an angular face, and he has generally handsome features. His body is a blend between thin and athletic, and on looks he is generally good-looking but not to the point where he stands out. He is on the tall side, about 5"9, and always wears a white headband with the American flag printed on the front. His eyes are powerful and demanding, and somewhat mysterious.
♥ Background story: Kevin grew up with his father. He comes from a rich family, and they always have the best of everything. His father taught him how to hunt, and at the age of ten he could use a rifle flawlessly and have excellent aim. Because of his excellent family standard, Kevin got to learn about high technology at a very young age. His background can sometimes make him cocky and arrogant.
♥ Love interest: To be determined, a girl in the story.
♥ Other: Kevin owns a hunting dog named Arrow.

♥ Name: Nadia Lynn Clarke
♥ Codename: Cobalt
♥ Age: Just turned 17
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Sharpshooter
♥ Personality: Nadia is a generous and loyal girl, who hates being taken advantage of. She likes to spend time alone, but also enjoys the company of people. She's athletic, and thoughtful. She can be quiet, but also if it's the right time she can be loud and bubbly. She's mischievous.
♥ Appearance: She has messy waves of dirty blonde hair, her eyebrows hold little to no shape, her eyes are small, and a dark green/blue. Her nose starts out slim, and then widens as it goes down. She has a small mole under her left nostril and freckles throughout her square face, full lips. She's tall, but graceful. Slender, with little to no curves.
♥ Background story: She often feels as though she is the only peaceful person in the world at times, but she knows in her heart that she must fight for what is right. She's plenty sneaky, as she's had a lot of experience shuffling from the kitchen back to her and her little brothers room for snacks. She has a father, who's rather grumpy and old. His fought many battles, and lost his leg in the beginnings of the war. Her mother hardly speaks, as she is afraid she might be screamed at by him. Her little brother is the only thing that keeps her halfway sane. That, and the stacks of books she pushes in the corner of her room.
♥ Love interest: Will be decided, another male in the story.
♥ Other: Nothing that I can think of.
♥ Undercover name: Rebecca Hart
♥ Undercover age: 19
♥ Undercover appearance: She has red pin straight hair that flows just below her shoulders, her eyes dark brown. Face and figure appear the same, other than the many fake piercings she puts in. [left Monroe, bottom right snakebites, and left hooped nose piercing]
♥ Undercover outfit: she wears a denim light blue button down shirt, black leggings, and dark brown combat boots, she pairs with a beanie.
♥ Undercover background story: She's a freshman in college.

The Assassinators

♥ Name: Aryan Levesque Dare
♥ Codename: The Hornet
♥ Age: 18 years old and three quarters
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Assassinator
♥ Personality: Authoritative, dauntless and brave. She is a natural leader, who can be stubborn sometimes but when she wants something done, she means it. Although she can be very powerful and commanding, most of the time she is nice and sweet. She is willing to help out anyone in need, therefore making her very selfless. She would protect the people around her, and she feels a strong responsibility towards assuring the safety of her loved ones. She is always the one to lead the pack and the one that charges in front, and she is practically fearless. People often underestimate her because she is female, but her abilities can shoot them back anytime. Being from a harsh and cruel family who sets exceptionally high standards on her and constantly expects her to achieve them, Aryan always sets the highest goals for herself, and would blame herself if they are not completed. Sometimes, with an important goal in mind, she is restless until it is achieved. This shows her determined side, and it is a good influence when she is leading people. She is quiet and mysterious, and she has the ability of flexible thinking and the power to make others trust her easily. Because of her job, she sometimes appears to be cold, cruel and heartless, but on the inside she is just as emotional and soft as hearts can get.
♥ Appearance: Short, jaw-length honey blond hair with two chestnut streaks on either side. Her hair looks a little stiff, and is darker in some areas, like she just came out of the water. She has two orange dragonfly hairclips clipping her side bangs back. Aryan is on the tall side, with an angular face and strong, powerful eyes that show nearly every dark shade of deep violet. Her eyes dance with colour when she is happy, and flash with authority when she is angry. Because of her commanding personality, she can simply shoot a glare at someone and they would stand down to her. She has a generally pretty face, but she doesn't stick out from the crowd. She doesn't have a lot of curves, but they're in the right places and she's happy with them. This is basically what Aryan looks like, even though I altered parts of the original photo using a PhotoShop application:
♥ Background story: Aryan's parents are both high commanders in the army. They have very high expectations for Aryan to become like them, and they started to train Aryan for fighting when she was only four years old. At the age of fourteen, Aryan could fight better than her parents, using both physical combat and weapons. Sometimes, when her training does not exceed her parents' expectations, she is whipped and beaten cruelly. This results in Aryan's back full of whip lashes and scars that never fade. She refuses to show them to anyone, because she believes that this is a sign of her disgrace.
♥ Love interest: Francis “Frank” Willows
♥ Other: Aryan is a strong-willed girl who is willing to sacrifice all she has for a good cause. She believes that determination is the key to success. Although she has been through a lot in the past, and she seems like a tough and unbreakable girl on the outside, on the inside she may have a softer heart than anyone else. Once she falls in love with someone, it's really deep, making her easy to get hurt during relationships. And the fact that people think she cannot be hurt makes her even more fragile, as they think they could speak carelessly with her, but they end up scarring her even deeper. Sometimes, Aryan doubts herself and her true abilities.
♥ Undercover name: Annabeth Arden
♥ Undercover age: 19 years old and a half
♥ Undercover appearance: Long black hair tied back in a high ponytail, with indigo-coloured eyes. She has the same face and general figure appearance as her real identity, but she wears glasses. They appear to be normal reading glasses, but they are document readers that can help her read super-small print in secret documents, and translate code language.
♥ Undercover outfit: She wears a black-and-grey checkered fedora tied with a black satin sash, and she wears a black shiny jacket with a tartan skirt just above her knees. She has gray socks with two red stripes at the top, and she wears a pair of dark purple flats which are actually runners in disguise. Aryan also puts on a different, more innocent personality.
♥ Undercover background story: Annabeth is a pharmacist working at the local hospital and medicine shop. To back up this information, the doctor at the hospital and the owner of the medicine shop are all alliances of the Trackers.

♥ Name: Francis (Frank) Willows
♥ Age: 20 years old
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Assassinator
♥ Codename: Silencer
♥ Personality: At first not many people like him. He is rude and sarcastic but this is only because of his hard past. His father was a drunk and killed his mother. Francis ran away at 12 and was homeless. His father found him and took him back. Francis' father died a month later. Francis is also shy but very brave. He likes to paint to calm his nerves. Most people think he has some sort of mental illness which strives him to fight hard and well.
Appearance: Francis has green eyes and really dark hair. His hair is always short and out of the way. His eyes always have a cold expression only changing when his love interest walks by. He keeps in good shape and is very tall at 6ft 2. He has a scar on his left cheek fro his father.
♥ Love interest: Aryan Dare
♥ Background story: His brother died when Francis was 3. Francis dropped out of school so he isn’t intelligent but he is smart when it comes to plans and tactics.
♥ Undercover name: Carl Macclesford
♥ Undercover age: 23
♥ Undercover appearance: a shaved head with brown contact lenses. He has a beard but same face other wise. He sometimes wears sunglasses which are actually x-ray vision sunglasses.
♥ Undercover clothes: A black suit with a red tie. He wears light shoes that are easy to run in. He can hide lots of weapons in his outfit.
♥ Undercover story: Carl is a wealthy businessman who attends political meetings about the war. He has a wife who is always ill in bed. To back this up there is another force undercover member who shows up every so often as his wife.

The Front Attacker

♥ Name: Elcalytia Proeza
♥ Codename: The Blaze
♥ Age: 17
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Front attacker
♥ Personality: Loud, sociable, group oriented, strong willed, extremely competitive. She doesn't feel comfortable unless her opinions are accepted as the right ones, explosive and easy to read, especially when she is angry or hurt. Mischievous and enjoys pranks, and is extremely clever. She appreciates the little things in life - nature especially, and is over all quite happy go lucky. Somewhat selfish and will go to any lengths to get what she desires. Courageous and ambitious, feels a compulsive need to be in control, bossy and not exactly appreciative of others trying to do her job or object to her ideas. She is very smart, and she knows it, with a somewhat big ego. She is ruthless and is not bothered by blood, but she will go to great lengths to avoid doing something if it is ordered by someone she dislikes, to the point it can be damaging to a mission.
♥ Appearance: Curly blonde hair down to her waist (she rarely trims it), and pale sea green eyes rimmed with pale, thick lashes. A long, slender nose that widens toward the end and thick, dark pink lips. A long, rounded face and high cheekbones with a strong, almost boxy jawline. Average height, about 5'7, with thin, unmuscled legs, very thin and lithe, can twist and move easily in battle. Long, sharp, uneven nails and thick fingers, raised eyebrows and somewhat big ears she keeps some of her hair tucked behind with a few strands hanging over.
♥ Background story: Elcalytia's father was killed by her mother after she learned of his affair when Ell was fourteen, and she has been running from her since then. She lives with her aunt, who is overly protective and almost didn't let her participate in the force, but she takes care of her and loves her very much.
♥ Love interest: TBD
♥ Other: Everyone calls her Ell.

The Weapon Specialist

♥ Name: Kaitlin Moira Finn
♥ Codename: Shadow
♥ Age: 15
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Weapon specialist
♥ Personality: She is very quiet and outspoken, so most people underestimate how clever and determined she actually is. She seems sweet at first and is an amazing liar, which helps her in undercover missions when she gets caught and has to convince the people to let her escape, however she is brutal and tough when fighting. Despite how quiet she is, she usually gets her way because no one wants to mess with her. Even though she is younger than most of the others on the team, she still can pull herself together and take on a leadership-like role when she has to. She is very good at organizing other people, but horrible at keeping herself organized. She is also extremely skilled with weapons.
♥ Appearance: long light reddish blonde hair (more red than strawberry blonde), slightly tan skin, light freckles across the bridge of her nose, large bright emerald green eyes, side bangs almost completely covering her right eye because of the scar that runs on the outside of it down to her jaw, thin yet athletic/fit build, her legs are long and lanky but muscular from when she was a dancer, about 5'4" and 1/2, doesn't really stand out from the crowd too much besides her scar when it's uncovered, even though she has a young look to her she has an authoritative presence because she isn't very open to people at first and she usually scares them off with her protective glare she usually wears around strangers.
♥ Background story: she was born in Ireland and lived there until she was 3 when her parents moved to the states. She doesn't have a very prominent accent, though you can hear a slight one if you listen closely. Her father is the CEO of a large company so she is used to moving around a lot and not having or keeping many friends. Her parents are very strict and usually pay more attention to her older brother Felix because he was valedictorian and is in training to take over her father's position. She is smart but is usually bullied in school for the scar on her face, which she got from her father when he was drunk one night and threw a beer bottle at her which broke and sliced her face, and for the fact that she is always the new girl and never was in the same school for an entire school year. Otherwise, she has what she wants since her family is pretty rich. They didn't want her to join the war, but she did anyways out of rebellion towards her parents since they never let her do anything she wanted to do.
♥ Love interest: To be determined.
♥ Other: She is very loyal to and protective of her group members, and she would sacrifice herself for their safety. She is very determined to show her parents that she is worth something, so she tries very hard to do her best. She hopes to find peace again, and for her family to love her.
♥ Undercover name: Lily Paige
♥ Undercover age: 14
♥ Undercover appearance: dark brown hair in a French braid, dark brown colored contacts to hide her recognizable bright eyes
♥ Undercover outfit: the opposite of what she usually wears when not in uniform which would be pretty much everything super girly, usually short jean shorts and bright colored tank tops or pink blouses
♥ Undercover background story: goes to school (has alliance w/principal and teachers), very daydreamy and not the smartest (acts like a valley girl)

The Escape Artists

♥ Name: Makani Minomoto
♥ Codename: Sakura
♥ Age: 14
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Escape artist
♥ Personality: Very keen and excited. She wants to prove herself, prove that she can do things, despite her age. This can lead to some impulsive decisions, but thanks to her training, she can wriggle out of a tight spot with ease. She is a risk-taker, and makes quick on-the-spot decisions. She is loyal to her teammates, and would never willingly leave someone behind.
♥ Appearance: Has Japanese heritage, but her parents had moved to America when they were both young. She has straight, jet black hair, and small, dark chocolate brown eyes. Her skin is soft and pale, and she is rather small and slight. She was built for climbing and running and things like that. She looks much younger than she actually is, and has an innocent look. She uses this to her advantage. She is slightly underweight, and has a few scars on her arms and legs. Her hair goes down just below her elbows. She keeps it up most of the time though, in a bun when she's going on a mission.
♥ Background story: Born in America, her parents tried to protect her. However, she didn't like this, and ran away from home whenever she could. She would stay away for weeks on end, stealing so she wouldn't have to go back. She always did though. Eventually, her skills were noticed after she talked her way out of being arrested. She was trained, and her skills heightened. Eventually she became a master of escaping and talking her way out of tough situations. At first she wasn't going to be put on the front lines, but she bugged them so much she was let out on a mission, and did so well they begrudging agreed she was ready, even though they had their doubts. Eager to please, she was driven through her missions by a drive to show everyone just how amazing she was, despite her young age. At first, she had a bit of trouble. Very nearly getting captured twice, so she stepped up her act and started being more careful.
♥ Love interest: She has a crush on just about every boy in the force. She just can’t decide!
♥ Other: She made up her codename. She wanted to be ‘cool’.

♥ Name: Harmony Rose Powers
♥ Codename: Phoenix
♥ Age: 17
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Escape Artist
♥ Personality: Harmony is very intelligent. She is also cunning, deceptive and manipulative. She never gets close to anyone, because she knows anything can happen in her job. Because of this she tends to stay closed off from other people. She is very stubborn, and always gets her way. She hates being told she is wrong. She wants to win the war more that anything. She doesn't really have any friends. People tend to gravitate towards her, but she pushes them away. She can be sweet when she has her moments of "weakness". She is a natural leader, but doesn't enjoy the spotlight. She hates attention and doesn't care about looks or material things. She only cares about freedom and justice. She is brave, and will except any challenge, as she is super competitive.
♥ Appearance: She has dark tan skin, but is of Caucasian ethnicity. She is about 5 foot and 9 inches, unusually tall for her age. She is skinny, about 120 pounds, but she is very muscular and athletic looking, due to her overtraining and exercise. She has long, naturally straight, jet black hair. It reaches down to her hips, though she usually has it in a ponytail so it’s not in her face. Her hair is also dip-dyed dark blue about three inches up from the bottom. Her eyes are a grey color, that hides her emotions. She also has sharp cheekbones and dark lips. She has a permanent scowl that makes her look annoyed. The last thing is a scar, two lines stretching from her eyebrow to her chin, making her vision blurry in her right eye.
♥ Background story: Harmony's family was entirely wiped out during the war. Up until then, she had lived with her mother, father, and two older twin brothers, Blake and Blade. She had been at a friends house when they were massacred, and swore to get her revenge, thus joining the Trackers. Her boyfriend Rycker was also killed, and she swore never to love again, for she would only be hurt. She got the scar trying to protect him.
♥ Love interest: Henry Castellan
♥ Other: I put Escape Artist as her job, but Assassin really fits her better. Whichever you think works.
♥ Undercover name: Rain Keeper
♥ Undercover age: 21
♥ Undercover appearance: She has dark red/auburn hair that she lets down and curls. She wears lots of makeup, something Harmony would never do otherwise. She has blue eyes and smiles a lot, making her look like a happy person.
♥ Undercover outfit: When she goes undercover she dresses cute, to fit her new g and more girly persona. She usually wears pink or baby blue, a dress if she can manage. Complete with a bracelet or earrings.
♥ Undercover background story: Rain comes from a very dignified and wealthy family. She is an only child, who is spoiled beyond her dreams. She loves helping people and spreading kindness. Practically the exact opposite of Harmony in every way.

The Communicator

♥ Name: Ciara Elizabeth Reynolds
♥ Codename: Birdie
♥ Age: 15 (and three quarters)
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Communicator
♥ Personality: Ciara is not the best at planning ahead. Quick thinking and impulsive decisions, sure, she's great at that stuff, but she often doesn't think things through. She's eager to please, and wants more than anything to be accepted as one of the group. She's loud, and doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. She's more than a little naive, and doesn't fully understand that the bad guys are more than willing to kill her, so she can be a little careless. She always says the wrong thing, so she's not all that good at making friends, and can in fact be really annoying sometimes.
♥ Appearance: Ciara is short for her age, only about 5'2. She's average weight. Despite her small size, she has long-ish fingers; "piano fingers", her mom calls them. She has a rounded, cherubic face. Her curly red hair is fiercely contrasted by her emerald green eyes. Her face is dotted with freckles, including on her short-ish, rounded nose. She's missing one of her front teeth, from when her brother accidentally hit her with his backpack (but it was a baby tooth, so it'll grow back, don't worry). She's not the fittest girl in the world, but she has strong, muscled legs, and if she kicks you, it'll hurt like hell.
♥ Background story: Ciara's parents are both in the army, although not very high-ranked. But they still trained Ciara and her three brothers (Duncan, Oliver and Louis) to follow in their footsteps. Her parents were disappointed when she chose to be an escape artist instead of a front attacker, but they let her do what she wanted. As her occupation is mostly evasive in nature, Ciara doesn't have many scars from it, just one on her knee. Rather than what most people think, the pale white scar on her lip was actually not from a mission in the field, but rather from when she tried to eat a stapler when she was two years old.
♥ Love interest: To Be Determined, preferably another girl character.
♥ Other: She got the idea for her codename from the nickname her brothers called her. They call her Birdie because when she was six, she made paper wings and jumped off a tree in an attempt to fly.
♥ Undercover name: Clara Renwick
♥ Undercover age: 16
♥ Undercover appearance: Same, basically, but she pulls her curly red hair into a tight ponytail, and uses blue contacts.
♥ Undercover outfit: She wears bright pink, innocent-looking clothes (although she keeps her favourite combat boots). She wears purple glasses, and lots of bangles and bracelets.
♥ Undercover background story: She is a babysitter who babysits all the local kids. To back it up, she actually does babysit from time to time (also to get some extra money).

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