Group story Sign ups! ( Characters chosen )


Chapter 1

WEEEEEEE!! ( see intro )

Ok guys so ya know, group story time, ya'll should know this by now
- If you are going to sign up, you MUST write within a week( unless logical reason or more than 4 days absence). If you don't, your character will die and be replaced, without hesitation.


Ok, so this idea popped into my head while watching Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. and it was like the last season on Netflix and they were doing the mystery on this day that will eventually come called Nibiru

Nibiru is supposedly a disastrous encounter between Earth and a large planetary object. Originated by a Wisconsin woman who claimed that she was contacted by gray extraterrestrials called Zetas who did common 'alien' things like implant devices in her brain etc. Nibiru has yet to happen. Basically, when there is the collision, extraterrestrials/gods will 'board' Earth and take over everything. Dominate the world for a while, before blowing it to smithereens or ( in this case) yet to be decided.

The 2 races of extraterrestrials team up and want to of course take over Earth, later the universe, and will stop at nothing in getting what they want. Must be extremely stubborn, manipulative, and fierce.

Earthlings HATE the extraterrestrials ( for whatever reason) and infiltrate the extraterrestrials attacking force in hope of stopping the rule. They will have to make great sacrifices ( maybe someone will die! ;) ) in their 'quest'. Must be determined

So here's what I need, I need 6 ( or 4 ) characters, preferably 3 boys, 2 girls ( I'm the other girl) There will be 2 gods/extraterrestrials ( both to be girls), and 4 earthlings

I am only excepting one other extraterrestrial

Extraterrestrial's template
Name: only first name
Resemblance to which goddess: Like, a twin personality wise, in times of anger the 2 sides ( your character and the goddess) battle for control over ones body. Do NOT do a major 12 Greek god/goddess, any other will be good.
Appearance: clothes, general appearance. make it 'weird'
Personality: Defects are a must, no perfect characters
3 powers: One major amazing power, 2 minor but still great
Position they have on attacking alien race: Preferably a high army position, Commander, Sargent, warrior princess, etc.
What planet they came from: Make it up or use an actual planet, I don't care. But you will need to describe the planet in your chapters every now and then
Potential love interest: Decided later

Earthling Template
Appearance: No Mary-sue's
Personality: Defects are a must, no perfect characters
Weapon: Get creative
Where they live/came from:
Why they hate the extraterrestrials: Don't be like " Oh they killed all my family and I want to kill them " I will literally except you for the very purpose of killing you
Will they live or die?:
Potential love interest: Decided later

So that's all, for now, folks! :D Hope you guys sign up, been awhile since I did one of these

My Character
Name: Oyonkia ( O-yon-kia )
Nickname: Kia
Resemblance to which goddess: Andraste, British warrior goddess
Appearance: Snow white very long hair held in a high pony-tail with a silver beret, large lime green eyes with a silver iris. She has sky blue skin dotted with freckles across the nose and under the eyes, High cheekbones, thin pink lips. Often emotionless but does smile. 5'8 ( tall ), petite yet muscular build. Usually wearing small move-able gold tinted shoulder pads, chest plate embellished with a blue attacking eagle print, a slightly shorter than knee-length black skirt with bladed hemming, silver shin high boots that appear as pointed feathers
Personality: extremely stubborn, manipulative, fierce, has a soft side for small children, follows orders when logical otherwise goes her own path, uses appearance to full advantage, sometimes very serious, seemingly emotionless, has a sense of humor but doesn't show it much, friendly when comfortable, calm in times of havoc, doesn't think before doing, risk-taker, fighter, knowledgeable, wise on topics of battle
3 powers: Major- Electricity manipulation. Minors- Enhanced intelligence, controller of wind
Hobbies: Training soldiers, reading, sport of her home planet much like soccer
Position they have on attacking alien race: Full Commander of Attacking Forces
What planet they came from: Xatoria
Potential love interest: To be decided
Other: she has a horrible fear of spiders

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