Anyone Involved With "Infected" MUST Read

Only authors DomoFan122, Onyxdoodle88, and Moonshadow135 should be reading this.
Just trying to get all four of us together to discuss something important about the plot and all (feel free to comment and share your ideas, there are no bad ones).

Chapter 1


Hey! So, I know it is really early in the story, but I've been pondering the whole "meeting each other" thing and in the most recent chapter, a new idea was brought up that I just want to recognize.

So, some Hunters are being kidnapped and taken to facilities run by Pirates to try and cure the Infection, as Onyxdoodle88 has addressed in the third chapter. This idea was brought up to me beforehand, and I rather like it, so we're going to keep it in there. (This is just letting you know about this little plot detail because only the two of us knew)

And now...about this whole meeting thing. It seems like everyone is in Tennessee or heading there (which wasn't planned, but oh well, I have no clue where we'd meet anyways otherwise) so I guess the four characters will be running into each other there. As to when and how... I have no clue. So, I'm hoping maybe by the time I write my next chapter, we'll be able to decide this, and I really need you guys to comment about this. Any ideas at all are welcome; this is our story, not solely mine. :)

Just because someone asked (and I realized I was an idiot for not addressing this), the symptoms for the Infection include chills, hair loss, and numbness in your bones. Each person lasts about a week, rarely two, once Infected. Sorry for not talking about this beforehand!

And by the way, you guys are doing amazing so far! My first chapter pales in comparison to the ones written so far, and I'm very excited to continue this story with you all!


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