Group Story Sign Ups! (closed, authors chosen)

Group Story Sign Ups! (closed, authors chosen)

So this is another group story idea that attacked me. I'm sorry about some of my other group stories that kind of died after EVERYONE DELETED!!! But I have another group story idea and it's going to be AMAZING. TRUST ME. SERIOUSLY. SIGN UP. NOW. DO IT.

Chapter 1

Read everything!

The Plot:

Modern day, a large space craft crashed in Stockholm, Sweden and a species of extra terrestrials has arrived. There's a picture up there of them. Slimy, black, gross, you get the idea. As the media gathers around, the lead alien says one thing before retreating. They want five teenagers turned over to them alive or they will go to war with earth and kill all of mankind until they reach them. The aliens capture them and procede to try to get them to join their side and kill humans off. There is a twist at the end, though, that hopefully you all won't see coming.

So, as you can probably guess, you guys are signing up as the teenagers, I need four, but this is not first come first serve, and it never will be. I need at least two guys. Each teenager has one power, you can choose whatever power you wish, but please make it unique. The more diverse the better.

The Form:

Name (first and last):
Nickname (optional. Don't feel that this is required, especially if your character's name is already short):
Age (13-18 please):
Location (can be anywhere in the world, preferably quite diverse, also include something about their life their (their home, the culture etc.):
Personality (as detailed as possible!!!):
Appearance (Also very detailed, include height, weight, and clothing):
Family and Background:
Love interest:

My Character:

Name: Lacee (lay-see) Chevalier
Nickname: None, just Lacee
Age: 15
Location: Dinan, France- a very small village located along the river Rance (the population is less than 10,000). She lives in an old cottage on the eastern side of the river. The streets are cobblestone and the house dates back over a hundred years. It's four bedrooms, and there is a small farm near it which her family attends to.
Power: Illusion manipulation (the ability to alter perceptions of other people. for instance, she can make them think something is happening when it actually isn't)
Personality: Lacee is very quiet and low key. She is shy and will often go along with ideas if they're coming from someone on her side, despite the fact she may not agree with it totally. Her closest friends don't think she has a very strong will because she usually goes along with what they say, but she very quickly determines which side she wishes to join and it is difficult to convince her after her mind is made up. She can be very distracted and has trouble completing long difficult tasks without being distracted by something else- nature, other people, etc. When she is angry, it isn't obvious and she is good at concealing her emotions. She usually has a poker face
Appearance: Short dark hair to her shoulders, somewhat uneven with split ends, heart shaped face and hazel eyes with more green than copper in them, long, rounded nose that gets wider toward the base, pale pink lips and a pointed chin. A somewhat long neck, tall, strong legs from running five days a week, but somewhat weak arms. Usually wears comfortable clothing, like leggings and tank tops, especially when she runs. She never wears jewelry as she feels it restricts her.
Family and Background: A loving mother and father, an only child, she spent her whole life in the small city of Dinan, because her parents couldn't afford travel. She feels somewhat shut off, but she knows there's nothing she can do about it.
Love Interest: TBD male character
Other: She is best friends with Lorinne, another girl from her town, and she shares everything with her.

Okay, so sign up!

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