THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! I just got stitches :(


Chapter 1

Welp heres the details....

Well I might not be on for a while because as the title says I got stitches. I'm seriously using only one hand to type this so it sucks and it's SLOW!!!! I was cutting an apple into pieces and the knife went straight through the apple and across the palm of my hand. At first I was like "damn should I run this underwater?" But i didn't I put a paper towel on it and went for a bandaid. My sister was doing her hair and I decided to show it to her and she FREAKED and said I needed stitches! Thats when I freaked out because I have ALWAYS hated needles and I really hated stitches >.<

My sister rushed me to the E.R (what ever that stands for...) and I waited. Now the numbing stuff is going away and it HURTS! I'll tell you guys more when I can type with both hands.... anyway my teachers gonna be pissed that I didn't do my homework -_-

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