In a world where everything is predetermined, a rebel group known as The Vitality will make it their sole purpose to expose the secrets of the Council to the citizens of Innis. However, how can you rebel when your memory has been erased?

Repression will provoke rebellion.
- Hugh Williamson

Chapter 1


~Mitzi's POV~

It was dark. Not a speck of light seemed to filter in from anywhere. I couldn't even see my hand before me. I had once heard that a person could go blind if subjected to pitch blackness long enough. I wondered if that would happen to me, considering I'd been in this dark cell for a really long time. I had lost track after the sixth hour.

When I pressed my ear up against the cell wall, and concentrated extremely well, I could hear little snippets of conversation among the guard. They had been talking about the rebel group known as The Vitality. A group that I belonged to, though, considering my captured position, I didn't know how long I would remain a Vital.

The Vitality was a rebellion group who aimed to expose the innermost secrets of the Council. The citizens of Innis deserved to know what they were subjected to. They needed to know what the Council's main priority was! And I was damned determined to be sure that I would tell as many people as I could. But now, I assumed it was too late to do anymore damage to the Council.

They had gotten me. And soon enough, everything I had known about The Vitality and their cause would be flushed from my mind. I would be thrust back into society, nothing but a mindless dog performing tricks in the Entertainment Ring Circus. I would be a nobody once more. And the very thought was killing me.

I had failed so many people. And worst of all, I had failed Ace. He meant the world to me, but look what I had done to him. I had gotten him captured along with many others. If I managed to somehow escape this place before the memory wipe, then I'd find a way to get him out at least. I just had to.

The guards out in the hall were making their way down the line of prisoner cells. I remember being dragged down the hallways. I had been able to peer at each cell noticed that their means of torture was different for each person. One cell had a beam that constantly panned the room, making sure that the person within had to jump over the beam continuously, while another cell had a person floating in a breathable liquid, only to be drained hours later to result in extreme lung and chest pain. The methods of torture were endless.

The door to my cell was opened, the light from the hallway streamed in and I instantly covered my eyes. The light stung and burned my corneas. I covered my entire face. I didn't even bother to see if these guards came to abuse me or not. The lack of light for so long was abuse enough.

"Get up!" a deep voice ordered. A metal rod prodded at my thigh. "Time for you to forget."

No. It can't be time already. I had to save Ace. I had to!

When they reached for my arms, I kicked out my legs and the balls of my feet connected with their kneecaps. I didn't cause much damage, but it gave me enough time to get off the cement floor and bolt from the cell. If I had been smart, I would have closed the door behind me, but there was only one thing on my mind at the time: Ace. I had to save him.

I only cowered at the luminescence for just a moment before I regained my footing. I scanned the cells around me, looking for familiar dark dreadlocks. I rushed down the hallway, noting that the guards had emerged from my cell and were running after me.

Bright light drew my attention to a cell positioned in a far corner of the vast hallway. I moved towards it, instantly recognizing the man within. It was Ace.

I ran to the cell and had to shield my eyes from the blinding light. "Ace! Oh my god!"

He was covering his eyes as well, his dark skin appeared almost white from the intense lights. "Mitzi, is that you?"

I nodded even though I knew he wouldn’t be able to see me. "Yes, Ace, it's me. I am so sorry." A tear escaped my eye and made its way down my cheek as I reached for his hand between the cell bars. "I did this to you."

Suddenly two strong arms snaked around my middle and pulled me back. I began to kick and scream and spout out the worst of curses imaginable. I needed to free not only Ace and myself, but the rest of my group. I couldn't just let this happen.

"Ace!" I called out while being pulled away. "ACE!"

However, my world soon went black when the guards black rod smashed into the side of my head.


~Ace's POV~

It was insanely bright. It had been going on like that for forty minutes. And all I could do was cover my eyes with my arms. This was their chosen torture for me, I supposed. What concerned me more was Mitzi. What were they doing to her? What were they doing to the rest of us Vitals? What of Albert and Roy? Where were Sienna and Hunter?

Oh god.

The lights soon disappeared and I pried my arm from my face. Everything was dark at first, but slowly, very slowly, my eyes readjusted to the normal hallway lighting.

Council guards were pacing up and down the long hallway, dragging their electric rods along the cement floor. Their faces were covered with masks and dark black goggles to be sure that each one of them remained anonymous to the prisoners within the mass cell block.

What I would give to knock one of those guys down and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Suddenly, the lights above me turned on once more. The Council was no doubt trying to blind me before the memory wipe. If I even found my way back to The Vitality, what use would a blind man be to their cause? I'd be nothing but a supporter. But I wanted to be where the action was the most dangerous. I would be there because that'd be where Mitzi would be. And someone had to be sure that she didn't kill herself recklessly.

"Ace!" a familiar voice reached my ears. "Oh my god!"

My brows furrowed. "Mitzi, is that you?" Oh, how I wanted to unveil my eyes, but the excruciating light kept them at bay.

"Yes, Ace, it's me. I am so sorry." Her fingers reached through the bars and laced with mine. "I did this to you."

I was about to tell her that it wasn't her fault. None of this was her fault. She would have never guessed running out for that family and saving them would result in any of this. However, her hand was ripped from mine as she was no doubt dragged away from my cell.

"Let her go!" I shouted out at the guards. "Mitzi!!"

My arms could only reach so far. Her kicking and screaming were pulling at me in ways I didn't think imaginable. I wouldn't fail her like this. I simply couldn't.

The sudden silence made my heart pound. What had they done to her? Why wasn't Mitzi screaming anymore? So help me...

A guard then came for me as the lights dimmed again. I knew exactly what I would do when released. I'd wait, bide my time until I would have the best opportunity to cause the most damage possible.

"Get out here," the man said. I could feel him staring at me distastefully through his dark goggles. As if I were a scab on society that he would like to personally pick off.

I did as instructed and made no attempt to escape... yet. When the time came, I'd be the attention grabber of all guards around me.

The walk down the hallway was quiet. I could hear my feet echo around me, as well as the guard's just behind me. He had his electric rod pressed up against my back as a silent threat that he would shock me if I were to attempt to run or anything of the sort. Nah. He'd have to wait for any fun he clearly anticipated. I knew I would get a good laugh out of it.

We were fast approaching a sliding door that a guard and prisoner just stepped out of. The prisoner had a blank stare upon his face and stared down at the floor under his very feet. I shook my head. He was pitiful.

My guard and I walked through the sliding door and I saw a lineup of Vitals waiting for their turn on the Memor-E-Rase. A machine that would take away everything they were as a person. It would take away things that I was certain as hell did not belong to the Council.

However, all plans escaped my mind when I saw Mitzi's limp and unconscious body being situated into the Memor-E- Rase. I bolted out of line and raced up to the huge machine, knocking droids and humanoids out of my way. I was desperate to remove her from the machine. It was selfish of me to think, but I didn't want her to forget about me. I needed her to remember me.

My body was soon pinned to the ground while I struggled with all I had. My black dreadlocks fell into my face as I raised my head to watch the one girl I loved painfully convulse in that damned chair.

"NO!" I shouted as I watched her forget. "MITZI!"

Mitzi was removed from the machine and my body went limp from hopelessness. I had failed her. How could I have failed her?

I was dragged towards the machine and placed in next. I didn't care anymore. Mitzi had forcefully forgotten who I was, what amazing things The Vitality had done. Her friends. Her parents. All gone.

But, just as the guards had finished strapping me into the damned chair, I had one last, final and personal thought.

Repression will provoke rebellion.


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