When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 3

Darrin Morales

Please, don't let this be happening. Please, just... PLEASE

The worlds screamed into my mind as I ran through the streets of Manhattan, New York. Fingers grazed the fabric of my Patriots sweater, I could feel the white irises of zombie eyes longing for my flesh, my blood. The very people that I used to know, were ZOMBIES

Yep, zombies, you heard it right. It was like they were perfectly normal one minute, but then they start coughing and hacking. Soon they feel dizzy and start stumbling around, the irises of their eyes turn a pure white. And suddenly, their out for your flesh. How do I know?

I watched my family in their short transformation. My father and younger brothers locked themselves in a room near the top of our shoppe on the busy street. My mother was on the couch as I prepared for my leaving, even from a distance, I could see the baby in her womb kick and struggle as the sickness affected him too. Mother went first, trying to come towards me as I ushered her along with the long pole of a lamp.

The baby burst out of her stomach, blood splattering against her paling body as the arms flailed out for a hold on something, anything. The eyes were the worst, bronze skin so much like my own against white sparkless eyes. He would've looked like me, blonde hair, bronze tan, big ears, and maybe even a copy of my own devilish smile. The hunger in those eyes, I will never forget for as long as I will stay alive, in this hell anyway.

I slung the bulging sports bag over my shoulder, making a sprint through the store and out to the streets. I had heard that Canada might be safer, a few states and a long river away. Now if I can survive the trip, thats another thing entirely.

Once again the words burst into my mind, Please, don't let this be happening. Please, just... PLEASE My eyes darting to each passersbye searching for the color of their eyes, there seemed to be no hope to find any other survivors, white hungry eyes everywhere. I pulled my sweater tight and ran on, boots clunking against the cracked pavement.

Eventually I got out of the city and ran into the highway, from there I would follow the drive towards the woods. Less people, less problems. Simple logic. Darting between cars arms that hung out of the windows came to life as I passed, more than I would like to admit I nearly got stuck between the hands. A ways off I could make out the tips of flames and rising smoke from around a sharp bend farther up the road, the small sign of hope of a weapon took over me and I ran faster than Ulyss Bolt.

All I can say is, Thank you Coach for making me run extra laps in track practice.

Flames rose into the smoky air, an upturned police car with multiple bodies were both surrounding and inside the vehicle.

What a horrible way to die... I thought to myself as I encircled the vehicle, a glimmer of metal from inside the vehicle and how it was upside-down told me that a police officer tried to avoid hitting the zombies. And look what happened to him then.

Sympathy aside. Where's his weapon or weapons? Once again circling around the vehicle. Maybe if I flipped it side-ways... Going towards the back corner of the trunk, the only place that wasn't flaming, I managed to shove the car onto its side.

A metallic sound hit the pavement, followed my another but smaller clink . Again pushing, the car was once again on the tires. Sweat rolled from my cheekbones to dripping off my chin. A revolver lay on the ground, next to it, a small multi-tasking pocket knife. Immeaditly I flipped the gun on its side and put up the barrel roll, checking into the cylinder.

" 6 rounds, " I breathed heavily from the smoke, " He never even fired a shot. " The pocket knife was in pretty good shape, just a bit of rust towards the gears. One of the burning body's head lolled to the side, its white eyes still looking onto me as its burning continued. The open jaws moved slowly showing an array of bloody teeth.

Again I took off, thanking each Coach for my punishments of talking too much during practice. As I got farther down the highway the number of cars lessened till I simply saw one every now and then. Blackness flashed before my eyes and my hearing dawned, I couldn't take running so much, one of the many weaknesses for my strengths.

Up ahead a car sat pulled over on the end of the road, there didn't seem to me anyone inside, but that didn't mean anything in this world anymore. As I slowled to a walk my finger rested against the trigger nearing the drivers door. As far as I could tell there was only blood splattered seats, an empty car, and the keys still left in the ignition.

I breathed a sigh of relieve settling into the drivers seat, black spots beginning to already disappear. Upon turning the key the engine roared to life, gas gage showing a half full tank, but enough to get me out of New York and maybe a few states over.

" Seat level.. Check. Side mirrors... Check. Rear-view mirror... " repositioning the dispositioned angle. As I was repositioning I caught sight of pure white eyes staring into the mirror, the body I had not even taken notice of begining to move.

I felt the zombie push into the back of the seat, its weight sending my body slightly forward against the wheel. Hands, not mine, gripping for a hold on the head of the chair. The rear-view mirror showed the already decomposing head of the zombie coming between the two seats. A chill ran down my spine, looking just slightly over and into those white eyes that were looking me up and down like I was a buffet.

Click the bullet was in the barrel of the gun.

" Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, " I say pushing the gun against the zombies forehead, "Never gonna run around and desert you"

BAM purple-ish red blood flew from his skull and gave the the seats a fresh coating of 'Aud de Blood'. The body itself flew into the backseats as a final resting place, arms and legs in contorted positions while the head rolled to the side.

I chuckled " You just got Rick Rolled, dude. " What? gotta have some fun in a zombie apocolypse! I pressed my foot to the acceleration pedal and the car at first lurched, then flew down the road. I don't know how to drive, but this might be a good time to learn...


A day or so had passed, still I had seen no survivors. I found traces of purple blood on my sweater and tan skinny jeans, nothing much so it shouldn't bother me. No idea where I am exactly, wish I paid more attention in Social Studies, but I believe I went West. All I know is I was out of New York. Had to switch cars twice, but whoever the drivers were was smart enough to get out and away for the next guy, me specifically. I had hid my pocket knife in my boot, don't really know why, I just don't want it jabbing into my thigh everytime I move.

Now low on supplies, I enter a run-down grocery store on the edge of a town, better than a weis or anything really. There'd be more people there of course. The gun cocked and ready in my hand, the double doors slid away for me to enter. I saw the cashier at the counter zombified, and dead. My eyes darted to the aisles, multiple grocers and customers lay, also dead.

" Helllooo.... " I call loudly. A few moments went by and some shuffling was heard near the snack aisle. Slowly, I edged myself towards the aisle, but not quietly enough that my boots didn't clunk against the tile floor. Now if only I could peer around the corner...

BAM a shoot rang out, pain shot through my thigh. Sure enough, upon looking down a bullet lodged in my skin it sat. There was a moment of silence, excusing my grunts of agony. Another moment, a boy's head peered around the very corner I was ment to do myself.

He seemed to be a very tall young man, my guess to be in his 20s or slightly lower. A mass of ginger red hair covered his head along with freckles across his paled skin. Scrawny as ever, even in a black jacket and jeans. Its like I had found my exact opposite, who just shot me in the leg.

" Oh wow, your not a zombie. " He managed, calmly going over to get a medical bandage from a over-the-counter stand.

" Darn right I'm not! " I shouted angrilly, then biting my tongue as I painfully removed the bullet from my leg. Taking the bandage I wrapped over my jeans, making the effort for a stand, but failling horribly. Mr. Shot-me-in-the-leg came over and ended up actually picking me up as if I was a small child.

" Hey, I'm sorry, there's just been so many zombies around here. I'm not taking any chances. " He paused for a moment, " How's the leg? "

" Oh ya know, just fine. Bleeding horribly and numb with pain, but justttttt finneeee.. " I replied, with a roll of the eyes. " Well I might as well know who shot me, whats the name? "

" C.J. Capone. " promply speaking while putting me on a counter with out a buy-one-get-one-free of a zombie trying to devour you.

" Darrin Morales. Probally would've been nice to meet you on... better terms. " C.J came back with a bunch of medical stuff that could probally heal just about anything. Meanwhile I busied myself breaking into a bullet cabinet from across the store with a wire I got from the nearest magazine stand. Soon, I had about 12 more rounds of bullets and an extremely well bandaged leg.

" Thanks. " I grunted, moving off the counter and back on my feet. Sharp pain went through my leg. " Ya know, there's probally not many surivor's anymore... maybe if we team up... "

He started to get my just, " Maybe, where you goin'? "

" Canada"

" That's where I'm goin'. Guess we could team up. "

Inside I did a jump of victory, but on the outside I smiled happily, " Just don't shoot me in the leg again and we should get along just fine... "

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