When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 23

Unbelievable ~Louis Newman

When the world is overrun with zombified humans, people die, I get that. But no one in your group dies until the very end in some weird sacrifice to save everyone. No one just dies within the first two days. It's not fair!

I didn't know the lass, Mabel or Macy, I didn't even really know her name to be honest. Now she's dead with a gun wound in her head. I snort slightly hysterically. That rhymed. She was the nice one, those get killed first, the geniuses usually follow in that order. I'm a glorified genius! I don't do combat or guns. I do chess, mathematics, and school. Even so, I signed up to kill zombies, not crazy human gangs.

Blood, blood everywhere. Blood, blood splattered in my hair. Blood, blood here and there.

I'm humming this as I ride behind Annie in the car. Her hair blowing everywhere. I actually no longer find her interesting, all I can see is coldness actually. When she shot that woman in her mid-lung area, all I saw was darkness in her eyes and really insane laughter. She's a very scary lady. And Louis don't date scary.

I glance at the kid Macy wanted so much to protect, curled in the front seat. He was crying and with good reason. He's relatively the person that got her killed. It's Packy's fault, and knowing how the movies go, some one else is going to die soon. Preferably not myself. I glance at Poppy. I didn't see what happened to her but it doesn't look good neither. CJ has her head in his lap, dabbing at it gently. I roll my eyes.

"Ami, don't dab her head like a little sissie. But pressure on it." I command and he glances up me.

"Excuse me?"

"You ought to do something useful, CJ, or are you just trying to get the feels?" He just frowns at me and holds the cloth to Poppy's head. "Merci."

"Where are we even going?" CJ snaps after awhile and I see Poppy stirs in his lap. Well, she's not in a coma at least.

"I'm just following the boss."

"She's not my boss." CJ mutters almost offhandedly.

"Yeah yeah." I say as we pass a group of people on the side of the road that watch us pass.

I try to get a good look at them. There were about four to five of them and they all looked like they were on a van ride to a modeling gig. Fashionable clothes and all, of course the machine guns across their shoulders is new.

Whelp, I suppose that is their problem, I think without looking back until I hear a loud pop and a hissing sound. Well, there's only two options:
A) I just ran over a snake and the head flew off into the back seat and began hissing or
B) Those models shot out my back tires

Then the Jeep begins loosing control.

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