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Chapter 1



Neurogenesis. It's only ever been seen as dangerous on the internet. Rumors, murmurs, little things like that. It's been told that someday, someone in the world would try this.
Neurogenesis is the science of regenerating dead cells using stem cells. It sounds wonderful, right? Wrong. This results in no emotions, no feelings, nothing stopping you. Only motor control (moving perfectly fast) and primitive instincts (eating everything that comes to you) are left behind.
As if the idea of that isn't bad enough, someone in the world tries to try it out to bring back a loved one. They didn't do it correctly, not that it could end well anyways. The shell of the human brought back killed the scientist and resulted in those genes being spread to that human and into the air.
Meaning, everyone is infected.
And everyone has to survive.



I have waited long enough for this. Finally I shall do it. Ya'll better sign up I'm really excited for this! So, basically, it's the zombie apocalypse and everyone is infected (yes twd yes I know) but the disease selection is unique. The story will be the zombie apocalypse, but the zombies are normal speed and stuff. The characters (6 probably) will meet each other throughout the story (maybe three pairs or a pair, a loner and a group of 3 something before they all find each other?) and come across many dangers, including the dead, the alive and other things. Now, continue reading!



1. No. Leather. Jackets.
2. I'll probably be accepting 6-8 characters, at least 3 boys if I accept 6 and 4 if I accept 8 (unless you're into gay/lesbian c:)
3. No freaking perfect characters! If I even SEE 'pretty' in the character description, I will look no further into your form! This isn't just appearance, either, I don't want any dramatically badass characters like seriously it's okay to have a tough character but no perfect fighting skills or using the "was in the army" excuse.
4. UNIQUE! Please make your character different from mine, along with other people's in the comments! Seriously, you have a MUCH better chance of getting in if your character is unique and detailed!
5. Detailed forms. Please, I'm not going to accept someone who just says; 'brown hair, blue eyes, curvy body. Tan.' seriously, you need to be much more detailed in your forms. 'long, straight brown hair with a slight curl at the ends and near the ends of the long bangs. She has slightly slanted blue eyes that are far-set and have short lashes and always bags under them. Her large, straight nose is set in between her round cheeks and her skin is olive-tan, and her body is slightly curvy.' seriously, MUCH BETTER!
6. Weapons have to be realistic! No freaking swords, seriously. No dart guns or throwing knives. Weapons are guns, hunting knives, pocket knives and trash melee weapons (baseball bats, broken boards, lead pipes).
7. That's about it for now... I might add more!


-The Form-

Age: (16-20, teen zambie story sort of)
Height: (realistic)
Weight: (realistic)
Appearance: (read the rules)
Clothing: (read the rules)
Personality: (read the rules)
Weapon(s): (No more than two, and if two, one has to be minor.)
Background: (realistic and detailed)
Love Interest:


-My Character-

Name: Annie Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145
Appearance: Shoulder-blade length dark brown hair that almost shimmers at times and is parted so that it almost curls over her left eye. Her eyes are hazel with light lime green and golden-brown with a rim of deep teal, as she has heterochromia. Her eyes are framed with long, dark but not a large amount of eyelashes and her nose is small but straight. She is a little bit taller then average and weighs a normal weight for her height. She is fairly flat on both ends but slim with a nearly flat stomach. Her skin is slightly olive but mainly just smoothed and slightly freckled. She has long, toned legs and dark pink lips and high cheekbones. She has a sullen and fierce expression at most times, making her usually pretty approachable, and doesn't smile often.
Clothing: a mostly green camouflage-patterned hunters jacket over a soft light blue flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves and small opal silver-rimmed buttons. She wears blue stretchy skinny jeans under tall, dark brown lace-up leather boots and starts out with a small (non-slouchy) leaf-green beanie. She also wears a bronze pentagram necklace, though nobody can see the charm, and she also wears a silver cross necklace that nobody can see the charm of.
Personality: Annie is mostly cold, fierce and independent but when things get tough Annie is always there to make them better and to fight by the sides of the people she loves/has mutual respect with/is in a team with. Annie is pretty quiet but it's mostly because she's thinking of plans and trying to figure out how to ration supplies or kill the next zombie, but when she isn't doing that she's fierce if you get on her bad side and funny and kind and caring if you really get on her good side. Mostly, she's cold, but it really just takes work to get to her heart. She is leaderlike as well, as she can always work out an issue.
Weapon(s): A black rifle that she keeps strapped to her back and a smaller handgun she keeps strapped to her hip.
Background: Annie grew up in Louisiana to the age of 12, but when her father died from sickness her mother took her and her little sister Bella and her little brother Michael to Indiana, where her mother practically shut down and Annie took care of her siblings with great difficulty in a poor family living in a three-bedroom apartment. She learned how to earn her keep and make her way but it was always difficult for her to even live or keep up the bills, until the age of 14 and her and her siblings were taken to an orphanage and Annie got out at 16, but her 10 and 7 year old siblings had to stay and she never saw them again.
Family: As listed in the background, her mother (Mil) was put in a hospital and her siblings Bella (10) and Michael (7) where in an orphanage but she never saw them when the apocalypse started and now that is the only time she cries, when she thinks about them.
Love Interest: A male in the story who will just hug her when she cries
Other: She has a very mixed up personality, most of the time. Oh, yeah and this;


Oh, and, the story takes place in Indiana, but your character can be from somewhere else (if they moved there or something) and of course the disease is everywhere.

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