The Man in the Background

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
Steven and Bobby were very different people. Steven would rather be sitting somewhere peaceful and liked to have a clean haircut whereas Bobby loved to rockout and let his hair blow in the wind. But even though they were different they came together for a common cause, music.

Steven and Bobby met by accident when they were teenagers. Bobby rammed into steven when he rode his bike down Suicide Hill. You can probably guess what happened. Steven broke a leg and Bobby broke an arm and they've been friends ever since.

Steven could write great music but he couldn't sing to save his life, and Bobby could sing and play but he couldn't focus long enough to write anything worth singing. But together they made the perfect team. Steven helped Bobby learn to focus more and Bobby helped Steven have fun. Eventually the two got their big break.

One day when they were having a small concert in the street a man showed up and told them he was a producer and was interested in their work. They quickly signed and soon after Bobby was playing everywhere. They sold countless records with hit songs like "Let it Loose," "Show Them How to Rock," and "The California Heat." Steven had written every single one of Bobby's songs; except for one.

It seemed like there was no limit to how far Steven and Bobby could go, until one day Steven just didn't feel right. He was having a hard time keeping his weight up, he hadn't been eating much and he had been vomiting and felt pain in his stomach. Eventually he went to the doctors and was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Over the next few months Steven and Bobby tried to keep things normal, but no one could ignore the changes that happened in them. As time went on it became more and more apparent that Steven and Bobby's time together was going to end soon. Then one day, only three months after Steven was diagnosed, Steven passed away.

Bobby stopped playing after Stevens passing, but he sang one last song before ending his career. "This One's For you." It was the only song Bobby ever wrote on his own and it was dedicated to Steven.

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