Quibblo Compliments!

Chapter 1


This is the main purpose (and really only purpose) of this account. The idea was started by Mikayla (darkxXxside).

This story (after this chapter) will contain anonymous compliments that you can read and receive. Here is how I think it'll work. Message your compliment(s) to us (QCompliments) and we will gather them until we have 5-10 for each chapter.

Here is what you should have in your compliment:
-link to persons profile

Pretty straight forward so far, right? So, I was thinking about doing this for a while and have discovered one little problem: How will someone who isn't my friend know about their compliment? Well, personally, I hope this travels far enough to reach them, and if it doesn't, I will personally send a message titled "Quibblo Compliments" to each person and then send the link to the story with it along with the chapter they are in.

So, I know most of this is jumbled around and not really organized, but I am just so excited! Hopefully, this can make someone's day or keep them on Quibblo for a little longer.

Compliment away! Trust me that the more people send out compliments to me, the more likely you can be in one of those compliments. So, make sure to spread the word to friends and fellow Quibblonians!

Right now I am moving complements from the orginal story into here but please do send in compliments. :)

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