Quibblo Confessions

Quibblo Confessions

Wanna say or something to people on Quibblo but without them knowing who said it? wanna confess anything anonymously? well, here is your place !!

Chapter 7

Round 6

by: angel52
Subject: The Pain

Am here to make new friends to talk to.I don't go outside that much and i always feel like a slave because of my mother. I feel sometimes feel so lonely and sad because i only have friends at school. I just wanna be free and have fun but shes always in the way.
I wanted to talk to people that make me laugh. I made really good friends they helped me by listening to be and i even gave some of them advice they were so happy.At the same time i was also happy just by hearing these words *" You give awsome advice thanks!" Those words makes me happy. :)

Subject: Ignored & Depressed

What do you want to say anonymously?: Ok..it used to be that people used to like messaging me..and would message me all the time.. now it seems as though everyone ignores me. And I know they are ignoring me too, cause a lot of the people that are ignoring me are constantly on. At first... I thought that it was maybe a problem with my messaging...but I resent the messages to these people...still...they do not respond. It makes me feel ignored and sad.. like seriously. I have no idea why.... I sometimes wonder if maybe they were angry at me for something I said, or maybe they find me annoying. I honestly don't know...and honestly ...the being ignored.... is worsening my depression... I have been trying to be happy. But In truth... I am faking it.... I honestly am faking it... I'm.... I'm just so ...so..sad.....

Whoever sent this, please message me! I won't ignore you and we can talk as much as you want!

Subject: Ignored & Depressed 2: Continuation of the confession in Chapter 7

Look, I have seen the comments... you people have left after I posted my confession. But let me state this, I did not .post it for sympathy, or as some sob story so that you could all go "poor me" ..I put my confession in to let you people know...what is it you are doing to the people you treat as your "second choice". It makes them feel unwanted, like they aren't valued. If you don't want to message with someone then you shouldn't have sent them a message in the first place, yet alone friend them and trick them into believing you were their friend. And if you are in a conversation with someone who you don't. Want to be messaging with... then don't just ignore them or like to their face. Be honest with them, yeah, so what it still hurts either way. But it hurts a whole lot less than being put aside or lied to. So, here is the thing, if you don't mean to ignore someone. Then don't ignore them. If you don't want to be someone's friend, then don't lead them on making them think that you actually care about them.. trust me. They probably have enough to deal with them being led on and tricked by some mindless snap that decided to mess with them as some sort of prank or to use them.

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