Quibblo Confessions

Quibblo Confessions

Wanna say or something to people on Quibblo but without them knowing who said it? wanna confess anything anonymously? well, here is your place !!

Chapter 3

Round 2

by: angel52
Subject: WilSauls

Dude. I messaged you to be nice and all ... when all you did was be rude to me, hurt my feelings, made me cry, then ignored me. And that is why I removed you from my top friends list a couple months ago.. just figured that you should know why.


Subject: crush

can someone help me along with my crush?


Subject: Religion

can people please stop the Religion war? people keep believing in what you believe, Quibblo is a quizzes site not a chruch. stop please !


Subject: to Nera78

I am really shy to tell you that, but you're more than beautiful !! from where did you bring all these beauty?


Subject: Loneliness

Sometimes, I feel really alone and unliked. Why can't people just like me for me?


Subject: Quibblo Oscars

I really like the idea of Quibblo Oscars. I think it makes people feel special and loved.


Subject: People deleting.

I really hate that a lot oof people are deleting from Quibblo, yes, most people are deleting. they say they have a life outside Quibblo or they have exams or things like that. why do these people delete? they can just not log in if they are busy, but not delete. and for the invitations they can set their inbox to 1 invitation per week. isn't that better? I hope people take this seriously and stop deleting.


Subject: The longer you stay

I hate that when I joined I was 15 and people loved talking to me. Now that i'm almost 20, and using the same account, it's totally different. I feel like most users only want to add me now because they know i'll accept and be kind enough to read what they make, not to talk to me. Ever. Even some people who're my friends here barely speak to me. And it feels like they might see me as too old.

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