Quibblo Confessions

Quibblo Confessions

Wanna say or something to people on Quibblo but without them knowing who said it? wanna confess anything anonymously? well, here is your place !!

Chapter 2

Round 1

by: angel52
Subject: White Lies.

I myself tell little lies on Quibblo. I also tell part of the truth. Like if I told you 'I love to swim.' You might think I have pool in my back yard. When really I don't. You can really miss understand someone easily. When they ask later in the convo about my pool in the yard I just go with it so I don't have to explain myself. Many times things end up being made something more then what it really is or you don't tell everything. 'I love to swim... in the public pool.'


Subject: LessCrim



Subject: .

it annoys the crap out of me when people send invitations for the same thing more than once without updating it


Subject: Everyone (as in everyone on Quibblo)

I really hate it when you guys title a story as Hi. It is misleading. I click on it y thinking that hey. Maybe someone finally messaged me. Instead I get a story..and I realize and get sad cause no one has messaged me... so...um.. yeah. Well..STOP HQVING MISLEADING STORY TITLES!!!!!


Subject: Leo_Carson

Ok. I just got to say this. But Leo. Dude... you are extremely blessed with Ace Attorney... and that seems to be like the only thing you talk about. If a person tells you that they don't like that particular subject... that means that you should be quiet about it. It also means ... that if you know they don't like it.. that you should stop sending them links all the time to sites having to do with Ace Attorney. Please don't send links to that person if you know they don't like it.

P.S. You also have a tendency of poking and getting into people's business. Cut down on that a bit please. It would be helpful to a lot of us out here.


Subject: Mikuhatsun

Hi. I am one of the people who RP with you. I won't say who, but I will say this. I really do hate it when you end an RP after only a couple replies. You get too bored with it easy...and it would be nice to keep an RP going that last more than question couple days. Like...have an RP that doesn't end. That would be nice. Just saying..


Subject: angel52

You are so awesome!!


Subject: to Emily (A_Small_Drop)

Emily,I tried alot to be your friend but everytime I try it looks like you're not interested, but everyone loves you, how can I be a friend with a great person like you?

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