New Universes

Chapter 1


you have always said that you found me by accident.
i have never fully believed you,
but if this is true then i must confess that i love your feet,
only because they walked the earth and the wind and the waters until you found me.
this is the most beautiful mistake i have ever known.
good days and bad days are a blur that i can only distinguish between by analysing your sharp teeth and my soft limbs.
this is the most healing battle that i have ever fought;
you say you don't know the word for it yet,
but you were the one who first described to me why this emptiness hurt.
and now you keep begging me to run,
but why would i leave behind the only person who i have wanted infinitely?
if this ends in me writing angry poems and you believing every word your father ever said to you,
i will demand that we start over, because i am not leaving here if it isn't with you.
and if you think that the universe doesn't want us,
i will build a new universe out of the galaxies in your chest and the stars in your eyes,
i will tell the planets to be reborn,
and i will keep doing this until we come to a world where we learn how to love each other correctly.
i am not going to give up just because the stars in my eyes start collapsing when they get too close to the craters in your hands.


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