The Crystal Children (Original Group Story)

Chapter 1

The Grey Warrior With Red Eyes

by: Grunge
“Ethereis, the land of the miracle,” said Grama Pip as she rocked back in forth in her chair. Little Flint was listening intently, but I’d heard this story a million times before. “The land that once was a peaceful place, a place that housed solitude and protection. All of the citizens of the land lived together as one, in one Kingdom, and they all believed in the same beliefs. It wasn’t thought as the ideal way to live their lives as the years whisked past, but they had never given that a thought to begin with, but eventually they did, when disaster striked.”

Gram cleared her throat and then continued.

“It was totally spontaneous the way it entered their world, the way she entered their world. She was disaster, she was a demon, the opposite of the beloved miracle that all of the Etherians had once loved. Her name was Bellua, thought to be the spiteful demon that seeked revenge from the devil. The Etherians believed that the devil himself sent her into their land, to sever all of the ties they had with miracles and happiness. Her presence sent dreadful shadows of despair along the land, and deaths galore, but right when the entirety of the Etherian race began to lose hope, they had been saved. It was a miracle of course. Five of their kind appeared, with extraordinary crystal-like eyes that beamed with defiance and purity. Together the five conjured up a mysterious power that sealed Bellua away into a tomb, and the Etherians began to live in peace again. They also began to not just worship the power of the miracle, but also the five people that came to their rescue. These five people were soon named the Crystal Children.”

Flint gasped. “Isn’t that what-”

He was cut short by Grama Pip. “Yes, yes it is” then she continued the story.

“Eventually they died, of old age, and soon began Bellua’s antics. Every hundred years was Bellua’s chance to escape her seal, and be rid of the shackles that bound her inside of her tomb. As powerful of a being she was, it was still a struggle, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be done. The Etherians began to notice this, and they soon began to fear that once again she would terrorize their land, and their peace would vanish. The Etherians feared that they now wouldn’t be able to protect themselves without the Crystal Children, so they split themselves into two parts. Half of the Etherians remained to worship the miracle and the Crystal Children, staying in their original Kingdom, but naming it the Kingdom of Miracula while the other half traveled away and created their own Kingdom, named Deamonis. The Kingdom of Deamonis was known as cowardly and non-believing to the people of Miracula. The people of Deamonis began to worship the demon Bellua herself, claiming that she was actually an angel sent from god to get rid of the Crystal Children when they appeared to destroy Ethereis. They stated that the five people with crystal-like eyes were the demons, and that the powers they had held were alien-like and dangerous. Some Etherians believe fear caused them to do this. The two Kingdoms of Ethereis then waged war, despising their separate beliefs.”

Flint interrupted yet again. “We live in Miracula.” he stated proudly.

Grama Pip nodded.

“The land of Ethereis lived in turmoil until the Crystal Children surprisingly were re-born.” she said. “Predictably the Miraculans were thrilled and filled with joy while the Deamonians were bitter about the event. Once again the five people with beaming eyes sealed Bellua into her tomb, but this time it didn’t appear as so much of a happily forever after.”

“Why?” asked Flint, looking up at Grama Pip with large blue eyes. He was probably the most annoying kid in town, but Grama Pip seemed to like him enough, wasting her breath on him and all with no complaining.

“Because the Miraculans and the Deamonians continued to fight, that’s why.” I butted in icily. Pip sighed and looked at me, I lived with her, but only because I had to.

“Is that how your mommy and daddy died?” Flint asked innocently, tugging on my dress. I wanted to swat him off, but Pip would only then swat me.

“Yes, it is, Flint.” I answered coldly. My father died in the war, and my mother died soon after due to depression… I guess she had the worst case of it ever known here in Ethereis.

“Are you mad ‘cause of it?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“You know, because you caused it and all.”

Oh sweet lord is this child ever nosy, I thought, fighting the urge to just walk away. Grama Pip’s eyes locked me in place, forcing me to answer the question. I hated her too. I hated everyone.

“Look, Flint,” I growled his name, he stepped back. This kid was actually pretty brave, but then again he was just a kid and he didn’t know any better. “Just because I’m a Crystal Child doesn’t mean that I caused the war, okay?”


“Listen, it wasn’t me who sealed Bellua,” I continued. “And I never will, so I’m not the one to blame here.”

Before they could argue, I stormed off.

My hair flew behind me like a long grey flag in the wind as I rode Tempest off into the great mountains. Tempest was my horse, perhaps my only friend as well. She was a towering white beauty with a personality to match her name; stormy. I often rode her here often, to get away from everything, and to just think. The mountains were like my getaway, a special place, or they seemed almost like a person that I could confide in. If you were to find me anywhere in all the land of Ethereis, it would be right here in the periwinkle Miraculan mountains.

As soon as Tempest and I reached the highest peak, I dismounted her and led her towards the edge; my favorite spot.

“Well that didn’t end all too well…” I sighed, referring to my slight encounter with Little Flint and Grama Pip.

I looked over at Tempest and into her dark eyes, chuckling when I almost heard her say: Nothing ends well for you.

That thought was correct, nothing did end all too well for me. It never had and it never would. I was the type of girl who’s life just kept going downhill. As much as I wasn’t okay with that, there really wasn’t anything I could do about it.

It all started when I was just little, around Flint’s age. I was one of those shy kids who was intimidated by everyone and everything. As a result I never really had a friend, and eventually everyone learned that it was best not to even try to be my friend. Whenever someone tried to be my friend I just blew it off or didn’t know who to respond. I was stuck, really. Soon enough I stopped being so timid and shy around others, and eventually I myself became the intimidating one. By the time I was eleven nobody would talk to me because I scared them and because they were shy around me. It might’ve been better in a way, to be stronger and all, but it still wasn’t a very good thing. I still didn’t socialize, and as a matter of fact, I didn’t want to. I didn’t really like people, and I constantly hid my emotions, quickly becoming stoic and cold-hearted. To make matters worse, when I was just 13 my dad died in the last war. Then my mom died a year later, Grama Pip said it was because of a “broken heart.” That was logic I’d never understand, saying I’d never had a single friend in my entire lifetime let alone a lover. Now I was sixteen years old, with an unchangeable mindset and ruby red eyes. I knew I’d never have a friend, and I’d never let myself have one. I didn’t need one, I didn’t need anyone. The only thing that brought me down now was being a Crystal Child. I was the Child of the Ruby. My eyes came a year ago, when I was fifteen like they usually would, but I ignored it. I’d never do anything for the people of Ethereis to help them. It was pretty sad for them. I guess it’s just bad luck that I was chosen to have the fate of a Crystal Child, because I’d never uphold the duties.

That would be the last thing I’d do.

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