The Fairytale Avengers

The Earth had Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.
Fairytale Land has Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Invisible Man, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.

Wattpad Version:

I wrote this on Wattpad a while ago and thought I might try continue it on both sites to get more attention. I've been going up and down with this story but any inspiration will be appreciated!

Chapter 1


If the humans could have their own Avengers Initiative, why stop there?

It's bad news for every fond fairytale-teller today. All around the world, fractured fairytales are being produced and no one can tell good from evil anymore and it's down to the world's last and greatest fairytale protagonists to save the day.

But it's never easy putting together a group of different fairytale protagonists and asking them to get along. Personalities will clash, conflicts will occur and chaos will ensue.

You may be expecting to see innocent, naive princesses and rich, perfect princes to be part of this story, but that is all a lie. Were you expecting to see sweet, innocent Rapunzel with her long flowing hair, or perhaps expecting to see pretty, young Red Riding Hood with a basket full of fruits from her grandmother?

If you were, then you're wrong. Perhaps you didn't know that after the end of Rapunzel's story, the prince she had run off with cheated on her with another woman? Perhaps you didn't know that after Red Riding Hood saved her grandmother, it turned out she had already been bitten by the Big Bad Wolf and shortly after her rescue, fell prey to lycanthropy and turned into a werewolf?

Bid the happy endings of your childhood fairytales goodbye.

Will the Fairytale Avengers be able to save the world of Fairytales from corruption? Or will they turn on one another and fail the mission?


It happened without any warning whatsoever on yet another supposedly ordinary day in Fairytale Land. People first felt that things were wrong when they saw the sky blossom with dark, thick stormclouds that blocked out the sun's rays and chilled everyone to the bone.

Following that, the ocean proceeded to grow choppy. Huge waves the size of houses crashed down on shore, sweeping people away in a torrent of salt water. Next was the forest. Woodland creatures began dying all over the place. The leaves of trees wilted, turned brown, dried up and fell off. Fairytale creatures started acting out. Unicorns, once considered animals of majestic beauty, lost their pearly white fur coat and golden manes in trade for jet black, matted fur and fiery-red halos. Fairies and pixies, a once peaceful and helpful species to mankind, became wicked and shrewd overnight, attacking and raiding villages, thieving and looting houses and generating unwanted chaos.

The people were scared. They knew something had gone wrong, something was causing their world to be plagued with disease and disharmony, but they knew not what it was.

For Fairytale Land to exist in harmony, they need to run on a special kind of energy. This particular energy only comes about when Earth children read their fairytales. You see, the fairytales of Rapunzel, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, along with many others, don't have happy endings. The stories that Earth children read are only part of what happened. Beyond the end of the book, the protagonists of the fairytales don't necessarily have a happily ever after.

But when fairytales were written, the authors purposely cut off the endings of the books so that it supposedly ended happily ever after, when in reality, Rapunzel's Prince Charming cheated on her with another woman, Red Riding Hood's grandmother turned into a werewolf and Cinderella's sisters tried to poison her after she got married to the prince but accidentally poisoned the prince himself.

However, for Fairytale Land to exist in peace, the Earth children are duped into thinking that the fairytales end happily ever after. And when the Earth children are happy, Fairytale Land is happy. When the reign of disease and disorder overwhelmed Fairytale Land, there could only be one explanation: The Earth children weren't happy.

The people of Fairytale Land knew the degree of danger they were in. If the Earth children weren't happy, then sooner or later, Fairytale Land would fall forever. The people, scared for their lives, knew they needed help urgently. And where better place else to get help than from the protagonists of the fairytales themselves?

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