hahahahaha X,D so my grandma just told me about what happened when she tried to have us go to sunday school and why we dont go no more. (If you're hard core religious please dont be mad)

sorry if you religious people dont like this but I tried to warn you.

Chapter 1

haha, man I wish we had this on tape XD

by: Luxray100
so when I was little my grandma tried sending us to sunday school. Lets just say the teachers werent impressed with me X)

so I apparently asked the teacher who Jesus's "honey" was. She told me that he didn't have one and I said "Of course he did everyone has a honey."

Then I asked what God looked like. She tried to tell me that no one knew what he looked like so I asked how she knew he existed and I wasn't buyin her excuse. I said that someone had to know what he looked like.

So apparently I've never really believed in god.

Ironically I an now not only an athiest but an asexual as well (someone who will never have a "honey")


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