Original Group Story Sign-Ups {CLOSED}

If there are no characters sent in, or very few, I may delete this idea altogether and work on it solo outside of Quibblo. Just a fair warning, this is my first group story I've hosted, but this is NOT first-come-first-served. I don't believe in that.

Deadline: 4/5/14

Chapter 1

Story Info and Character Template

I know I'm doing a bunch of group stories and other quizzes and stories, but this idea has been nagging at me for a bit now. If it isn't a success or people don't find it interesting, I'm deleting this sign-up because I can attempt to work on it solo as well.

Main Plot
Basically, the world has fallen to ruin. A plague had swept through the globe during 2012, almost wiping out every living thing, and now it is 2022, one decade later. The plague's victims die in about a week once infected, and there are still Infected people to this day around the world. Crime and chaos run rampant through the streets, and there are no law enforcers willing to take care of the practically desolate countries.

Instead, there are four types of people that still survive in this planet, each belonging to a sort of title.

Rangers : Surviving men and women who mainly fight with combat skills to survive and protect the helpless. They usually travel in pairs or solo (mainly the latter option) and are mysterious to the public eye. Most wear dark colors and carry weapons conspicuously around with them. They all have this tattoo on their right forearm (in a color that represents them individually): http://www.quibblo.com/user/PhoenixSong114/photoalbum/2414008?page=44&per_page=9

Pirates : Surviving men and women who travel in gangs and are the main cause of crime in cities everywhere. They steal, lie, cheat, and wreck everything in their paths. They are often not the best fighters, but are still dangerous in fights. They have this tattoo on their body (place not specified, color not specified either): http://www.quibblo.com/user/PhoenixSong114/photoalbum/2414004?page=44&per_page=9 The tattoo's place isn't specified because this shows their independence, separating them from the Rangers, who work as a group.

Hunters : Surviving men and women who search for the cure to this disease, who still have hope that this plague will end and the world will become a better place. They are often doctors and medics, but sometimes they are just ordinary people searching for the cure. They usually are quite intelligent and know a bit about the Infection or harbor other medical information.

Pioneers : Surviving men and women who work to build defenses, weapons, and such to protect both themselves and others. They are basically blacksmiths, and are very skilled with machinery. They are sometimes sought out by people for trade, and some are living in poverty.

Any others are Infected or living in fear. These four types of people struggle in every country for power, some for good, some for devious reasons. As of now, no one controls most of the countries.

In this group story, I need 3 other authors to write as one of these four types of people. They (and my character) will find themselves banding together as complete strangers to eventually try and cure the Infection--without becoming Infected themselves.

1. If you write with poor grammar or talk in text lingo, please don't sign up. I don't enjoy reading stories as such, and I am OCD, so I'm most likely going to fuss over your spelling mistakes if you have such qualities.
2. Please do not submit "Mary-Sues" and "Gary-Stu's"! If you don't know what this means, I am basically saying, don't send in "perfect" characters (for example: "flawless skin", "very beautiful", and "everyone loves them" are not going to be chosen if you include those types of qualities). I am picky about choosing characters, and I appreciate those who have real flaws and aren't freaking models from magazines.
3. You must submit your character before 4/5/14, because that is the deadline! Even if your character is awesome, I won't choose them if you send it in a day after the deadline.
4. You must be able to write within a week of the last author's chapter. I would like to keep this story moving, and I am going to try to be online more so I won't miss out on anyone's chapters (also, please send me a message or something once your chapter is done, or else I won't know if you are done).
5. If your character has someone close to them who is/has been Infected, they can only have one person like that. I don't want to see "their entire family was wiped out by the Infection" in the submissions.
6. There must be 2 male characters. Simple as that.

I apologize for the lengthy rules. Anyways, simple as that, just fill out the template below and sign up if you're interested!

Name: (First and Last)
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (14-17)
Type: (One of the 4 types above)
Appearance: (be detailed please)
Personality: (be detailed please)
Tattoo: (Only if they are a Ranger, must say the color)

My Character
Name: Serenity Lowe
Nickname: Ren
Gender: F
Age: 17
Type: Pirate
Appearance: Dark brown straight hair that is cut to her chin, light brown eyes, pale, 5'6", skinny, always wears a bandanna over her hair and long pants, acne on her shoulders, crooked smile, long fingers
Personality: Headstrong, quiet unless provoked, extremely sarcastic to the point of being rude, has an issue with trusting others, always worrying about others though, loyal tries to hide her emotions from everyone, caring, good listener, dislikes ignorance, is afraid of death and heights
Background: Her father left when Ren was two and she has disliked him ever since. Her mother was angry with her because of her attitude frequently but she still tried to be a good parent. She died of the Infection when Ren was 15, and she ran away from Georgia to try and begin a new life. She ended up with a gang of Pirates and quickly gained their trust, joining their gang in order to survive.
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia (has a thick Southern accent because of this)
Tattoo: Sapphire blue, sits on her right leg

Please sign up! (Also, if you have any ideas for the title, feel free to give me ideas!)

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