Steps to becoming one of Slenderman's proxies (for those who are curious)

For those that are curious, this is generally what every proxy will go through at some point in their lives unless they have a special case in which the become a proxy rather quickly. Of course the steps and severity of them will vary between proxies.

Chapter 2

Being a Proxy

These are not steps. This is general things that all proxies of Slenderman will go through from time to time.

* Blackouts and amnesia: Doing things that you have no memory of doing, losing track of time, losing track of events that have taken place, unsure how you got to certain locations or where you are.

* Waking up with injuries and more amnesia: How did I get these scars, scratches, cuts, stab wounds, bumps and bruises? What did I do last night?! Did I get these injuries during a mission? What the f happened to me?!

* Memory dreams: Dreams or visions that show you missing information such as memories you lost, things you did that day that don't seem that important, and things that happened during missions.

*Lets draw: Some of us still have that weir urge to draw the operator symbol and can't fight it.

*stupid nooby / trader proxies: They only said yes so They wouldn't be killed off, but didn't realize how hard the job would really be. They don't want to hurt anyone and disobey our master. They attempted to lock themselves away in their rooms so they don't have to do what Slenderman wants them to do. They fail to realize Slenderman's control and power. If you are a proxy and he wants you to do something, you will do that something. There is no use fighting it. Fighting it is only going to get your self in big trouble and you'll be forced to do that something anyways.

*The urge to inform/educate others about Slenderman.

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