Chapter 1

by: Velka
The sound of my boots hitting the wet pavement below me is oddly soothing. I walk, and then I run, and then I find myself walking again when my throat begins to burn.

My breaths come out short and fast, and I watch them floating upon the cool noon air before they disappear in the blink of an eye, like a ghost, like a dream.

Where am I? I wonder, but I feel no panic rise up in my chest. I feel nothing. I feel nothing towards feeling nothing. Yet somehow, it's nice.

Oh, how amazing it would be to just... disappear. To throw myself into the sea and never return, to let the cold, strong embrace of the water engulf me, engulf my very being. To hold my breath for a thousand years, to feel the burning of my lungs and the bitter tears filling my stinging eyes. To release it, to release everything, to breathe in the water, to taste its salt and its cool lips over mine, to know that I'm not really breathing, but rather dying.

I hear them now. Their call is like a spell, and I can no longer resist it. I no longer want to resist it. I... I never did.

Or did I?

I can't remember now, can't remember anything. My mind is becoming hazy, numb, fragile. It's breaking. I'm breaking. Where will all of me go once I shatter?

It's raining now.

My eyes are shut tightly, and I know that it's over. All of it. It's over. All of it. It's over. It's over. It's over. It's over.

Where I stand, the tips of my toes meet air as cold as hell itself. The rain mixes in with my tears, and I can't distinguish between the two anymore.

Sighing. Shaking. Heart is breaking.

Sighing. Shaking. Heart is breaking.

Sighing. Shaking. Heart is breaking.

I take a step forward.


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