Quibblo Crushes

Quibblo Crushes

Have a crush on someone on Quibblo? wanna know if someone on Quibblo has a crush on you?

Chapter 23

Someone has a crush on alexestes !

by: angel52
The following information was sent:
What's the username of your crush?: alexestes

Wanna say anything else about them? (optional): Part of me is afraid to do this. Part of me worries that you will know exactly who I am. I just want to say that you are an amazing friend, and every time I message you, I just wish that I could see you in real life. I wish that I could hug you for real and not just virtually. I'm not completely sure, but I think that I might like you. Like, like like you. Oh gosh, you are going to know that it is me, and you're never going to speak to me again, I just know it. If you see this and know that it's me, please talk to me. Please, I couldn't imagine never speaking to you again.

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