Group Story Sign-Ups! ( Results in 2nd Chapter! Final Update before starting in in 3rd Chapter!)

I hope this isn't a fail! xD Please sign up if you are interested!

Chapter 1

Group Story Sign-Ups!

Hi! Okay, so I made am hoping to make a group story (according to the title) and I hope that you sign up! So... here's the plot:

There is a place where fairies live. They are split up in to different types which are: Wind fairies, Earth faries, Sky fairies, Water fairies, and Fire fairies. The Wind fairies control the wind, Earth fairies control the flowers and the Earth, Sky fairies control the weather and sky, Fire fairies control fire, and Water fairies control water. The fairies all live in a Fantasy world. But there are bad fairies who want to take over. (You can tell that they are bad by their black wings and strange markings.) The bad fairies do not have a type of fairy, they do not take on the role of Wind, Sky, Water, and Fire. Instead they have the power of lightning. The bad fairies want to take over and the good fairies are trying to protect themselves, their friends, and their family. And there is boy fairies!

I'll leave it off there. Here are the sign-up forms:
Type of fairy:

My character:
Name: Rose Insero
Gender: Female
Type Of Fairy: Earth
Appearance: Pretty with wavy brown hair, green eyes, and wears a headband made of flowers.
Personality: Friendly, talkitive, a bit flirtatious, kind, adventrous, smart, protective, caring.
Other: Has a friend named Cara who is also an Earth fairy.

Please sign up! If you have any questions, message me!

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