Original Group Story Sign-Ups! (Updated, authors chosen mostly)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It's quite important that you read this all the way through.

The story begins, set in the future, but not too far in the future, in a kingdom called the Kingdom of Vestigium. At the age of 12, some people begin developing mysterious marks, like a cat's tail or eyes, wings, strange tattoos, etc. These people are sorted into groups according to their mark, which gives them a special power or talent. They are then sent into different lands to live and breed with other people of the same talent, which then makes even more powerful offspring.

The groups are:

The Beistyians - The Beistyians reside in a land called Bestia. Their talents consist of anything to do with animals.

The Invysibilians - The Invysibilians reside in a land called Invysile. Their talents consist of anything to do with shape-shifting and invisibility.

The Tempisians - The Tempisians reside in a land called Tempisia. Their talents consist of anything to do with the sky, weather, and climate.

The Fortisians - The Fortisians reside in a land called Fortisia. Their talents consist of anything to do with strength, bravery, etc.

The Callidusians - The Callidusians reside in a land called Callidon. Their talents consist of anything to do with cleverness, smarts, logic, etc.

The Diversians - The Diversians reside in a land called Divoni. Their talents are pretty much anything that doesn't fit in one of the groups above.

The characters in the story are from a very ancient, very powerful bloodline, and they are very, very powerful. However, this isn't a good thing, as their powers are harder to contain, and they lose control and accidentally kill people and destroy villages and whatnot. They have to escape into the Forbidden Lands, which are rumoured to be littered with enemy tribes and barbarians, in order to escape the government and the cruel King Tirante, who want their heads for disturbing the usually calm Kingdom of Vestigium.

At long last, the character form:

Age: (14-18)
Love Interest: (optional)
Where From:

My character:

Name: Aurélie Mongol
Age: 15
Talent: She can change the weather according to her mood.
Mark: Her eye colour changes rapidly, not heterochromia, far more unrealistic, and they're cat's eyes.
Group: Tempisians
Personality: Bookworm, sweet, a bit indifferent, clever, stubborn, daring, sometimes a bit annoying
Appearance: Blue-streaked wavy blonde hair, changing eyes (see mark), pale, very short (4'9"),
Clothing: Blue button-down casual shirt, studded clunky boots, grey skinny jeans
Love Interest: A Boy character in the story.
Family: She lives with her father Henri. Her mother, Apolline, died when she was very young.
Where From: Rouen, France
Other: She always wears an amethyst pendant that belonged to her mother.

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