I hate you (poem)

:'( :'(

Chapter 1

I hate myself

T.J. and I were running around in the park
We were playing tag
Everything was perfect

Until he punched me and we got into an argument
He told me that he doesn't want to see me ever again
I told him I hope you die

He looked hurt but he called me a jerk
I thought of the meanest thing I could think of
I told him

I hate you
Sure people say thats not the worst thing you could say
Friends can easily make up and be friends again

I felt terrible later
Next day T.J. died in a car accident
I saw the accident because we were right behind their car

T.J. was burned and he died instantly from the crash
T.J. was hit by the other car head on
I watch from a far

I wasn't able to save him
I realize that the last thing I said to him was
I hate you

People please
If you get into an argument with your friends
Do not tell them you hate them

You never know if they will be alive tommorow
Treasure your friends
I wish I did


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