This is just a little something I wrote today. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The days that seem to last forever, are the days that you will never forget. The days that you never want to leave, seem to fade away. Every emotion, every sob, every ounce of pain that you felt in that day, will stay with you forever. Until you pass. That moment of sorrow will keep. And your final breath will hold that pain. Everyone’s tears will mingle with the soft earthen ground, and your soul will finally be at peace. Peace with the world, peace with life. Peace with peace itself. But until that day arrives, you keep carrying that pain, all the mourning, the nights you cry yourself to sleep. The nights where it’s just too much.

Exhaustion, sorrow, pain. You feel the tears begin to cascade down your face. You can hear the screams of the previous night. You can feel your soul, drifting. The knot in your throat, tightening. The whispers of the angels, beckoning your arrival towards the heavens. The absolute terror. You are frightened. You don’t know what to do. Your dry sobs now mean nothing. Not to anyone. Your pain, your sorrow. Your tears and your screams. All you want, is for it all to stop. You want the nightmares to leave. You feel worthless. You feel hopeless. But not all is lost. You still have the love, and the caress of your friends. Your family. Yourself. The tears just keep on. They fall over the graves of loved ones, in your dreams. In your nightmares. In your mind, you can still hear the screams of your loved ones. In your mind, you still see the blood. In your slumber, you breathe your final breath. No more hope. No more despair. Nothing to stop the wailing death that embraces you whole-heartedly. No more pain.


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