Book Review | The Fault in Our Stars

Book Review | The Fault in Our Stars

for starters um..... this book made me cry and yeah

Chapter 1


First of all, I think some authors just like to make us cry. This book was freaking amazing!!!! I cried so much mostly because it was adorable and happy and sad and it was so funny!!!! The humor in this book just I can't even!!!!!!! This book made me laugh, cry, smile (mostly cry and smile) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is about a girl named Hazel who has (I don't really remember but I think) lung cancer and she isn't a very social. She doesn't want people to get close to her because she doesn't want to hurt anyone incase she dies. But when she goes to a cancer support group Augustus Waters turns that around. Hazel and Augustus become really close friends (them falling in love isn't a spoiler. you kinda can guess once they meet that they'll fall in love) as you can see this book is adorable, sad, happy! SO MANY EMOTIONS!!! YOU MUST READ IT!!


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