Nickname Repsot

Chapter 1


What is your name? Jenni

What do your real-life friends call you? Freaky (My Height) Jen, Jenni, Alien, Elsa (Yup don't know how I got named after Elsa from Frozen but there you go) and The Quiet One.

What does your brother call you? Stinkypoobum (he's 16!!) and Bumbles and Bumbly

What does your sister call you? No sisters

What does your father call you? Bubbles

What does your mother call you? Bubbles and Jenni

What do your enemies call you? Non Emotion Girl

What do you call yourself? Jenni

What do your Quibblo friends call you? I dunno??

What do you call your mum? Mum or Mumu (I've been calling her that since I was 6 so it's kind of stuck)

What do you call your father? Dad

What do you call your real-life friends? Madz- Madz, Madeline, Muppet
Jessie- Jessie, Jess, J,
Jocasta- Pasta
Charlotte- Charlie, Cha, Dancer
Naveena- Navi
Raf- Raffer

What do you call your Quibblo friends? real Name or username/nickname or FRIENDY

What do you call your brother? C (Chris)

What do you call your sister? No Sisters

What do you call your enemies? Ignorant B^tches


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