Bedroom repost

Chapter 1


Do you have the following in your room:

Desk – Yep.

More than 3 sources of light – Yep.

Phone- Nope. Just my iPod.

Chair/dish chair – Yep.

Bookshelf – Yep.

Dresser - Yep.

TV – Yep.

CD Player/stereo – Yep.

Bean bag chair – Nope. D:

Computer/laptop – Yep.

Posters – yep

Paintings – Yep.

Pictures – yep

Walk in closet – Yep

Large mirror – Yep.

Bed – The repost is called BEDroom repost, is it not?

Drumset – Nah.

Bathroom – Nope.

Clock – Yep.

Clothes on the floor. – yep. I haven't put them away yet

Box of tissues – Nope.

Guitar – Nope

Lava lamp –No, but that would be AWESOME.

Smoke detector – yep

Piano/keyboard – No, that’s in the living room.

Bongos – nope

A bin – yep

Locking door – Nope

Can of soda – Yep

Bottle of water – Nah.

Playstation or other game source – Do 3DS count?

A black light. You know.....for the scorpions – Nope.

Something about your own country – Nope

Medals- Yep

Trophies – Nope

Awards - Isn't a medal an award?

Water polo ball – * makes a Johnny Depp confused face*

Soccer ball – nope

Softball stuff – nope

Beach ball – nope

Over 100 CDs – I honestly don't know....

Surround sound – I wish

Sofa – I wish

Empty liquor bottles – I. AM. THIRTEEN.

Flag – does it count if it's on something?

Stop sign – not yet lol

Caution tape – yep. That was a fun day

Paint ball gun – yes, because everyone knows I wouldn't try to take over the world if give a gun!. (That's a no D:)

Dog/cat bed – Nah. They sleep on on my bed

Picture of GF/BF by bed – I would if I had a bf

Calendar – On my iPod, and my iPod is in my room, so yes!


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