Night Lock (He went into my head again)

Night Lock is someone who has entered my dreams twice now. Once just the other night. This is what happened in the dreams.

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
Its mid fall and all of the trees have started to shed their amber leaves. A small boy in a little gean coat is walking up a small rocky path leaving the woods. He walks up to a young woman praying over a small dirt grave and hugs her. That woman is me. He walks over the grave and starts to move the dirt with his feet. "What is that?" He asks as I walk towards a small shack that had been converted to nice little house. "What is what?" I ask. I look in the direction the boy is pointing and one thought crosses my ... Night Lock.

There is a small, low tech., factory with a few large trucks. But that isn't what scares me. I walk to the road separating the factory from them and see it. "It's just like Night Lock." The little boy says worriedly. "The man will be running by soon." He said calmly. Moments after he said that a strange man in dark running gear ran past the house. "Mom!" I yelled. "Now the mist..." He said as the mist started to roll in.

"What is it?" A woman in har mid fourtys asked as she came out of the small house. "Night Lock." I said worriedly as I looked at the woman. Her face showed a large amout of fear.

"Everyone run!" I screamed. Everyone started to run towards a large two story house. All of the nearby children who had been playing there ran to the house as well. "Everyone inside! And lock the doors!" I yelled as we all climed the stairs to get inside. Before I got to the stairs I saw it. A man was slowly walking towards the house, only a hundred yards away. I couldn't make out his face but he was wearing an old straw hat that was falling apart and clean overalls. 'Night Lock.' I thought as I quickly went inside. "Lock the doors!" I yelled. I quickly locked the door behind me and the sliding glass door next to the kitchen that lead onto the balcony. The other woman locked the door on the other side of the room. The children had scattered throughout the house. Some were sitting at the table waiting for direction while others had hid in the livingroom and bedrooms.

"What about the other door?" I asked. "Just leave it. Maybe he won't notice it." The woman said. "No I need to lock it." I said as I went down the stairs to the first floor. The screen door was closed but the other wasn't. I quickly tried to open the door but it was stuck. I got the door open and grabbed the door. I looked over my shoulder to see the man coming towards me. I tried to turn around but the screen door was open and stopped me. I grabbed both doors and started to run back inside. But it was too late. Everything was going in slow motion as I was pulled out the door mid jump up the two stairs.

I woke up choking as if someone had stuck their hand down my throat. My eye started secreating some sort of liquid from my right eye. I coughed for a few minutes as my eye continued to leak. When it finally stopped I looked around and stared at the clock. 9:59 a.m. The same words were playing over and over in my head... Night Lock.

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