Has anyone else....

Chapter 1


Has anyone else ever felt like their life is going no where? That's how I feel. I mean, I do the same stupid thing every single day. I'll get up, and if it's a school day, I'll get ready and go to school. I'll go throughout the school day, just barely keeping up in my classes, not even trying hard like I used to. Depending on the day, I'll go to play practice, or come home. Then I'll forget about my homework..and get online. It's a terrible thing. I swear, ever since our school has gotten these iPads, I've wasted more than half my school year on it. After, my parents have to take the stupid things, and make me do my chores. Then I may or may not eat dinner, get back online, and when I can finally pull myself away, I'll go to bed.
On a weekend, i just get up, and stay online the whole day.

I swear my life literally has no meaning. It's going NO WHERE.


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