GROUP STORY SIGN-UPS [Closed, PhoenixSong114, epicsnicker, and Alexis117 may be the only ones who read!)

Chapter 1

Sign ups and Plot! Story Name: Stereotype Mix

Sign Ups:
Age: 14 (turning 15)-15 (freshmen in highschool)
Gender: (I will be accepting maybe 2-3 boy characters and 1-2 more girl characters (my character is a girl))
Label: (Label's suck I know, just work with me) (all must be a different label)
Apperence: (If it is a pic It must be in you Quibblo photo album)
Love Interest: (Boy characters pick)
Project Partner: (Preferably boy-Girl partners)

My character
Name: Lacey Lockwell
Age: 14
Gender: F
Label: (even though she dislikes having a label) Nerdy Emo
Personality: Clumsy, quiet, a bit of a Loner, smart but sometimes doesn't act it, stubborn, can come off rude and sarcastic but doesn't really mean it, insecure, artistic and creative.
Appearance: (Sorry if it's you)
Other: Has a poor family life, she argues with her parents and her parents may be on the verge of divorce, her sister hates her and acts like wants to Lacey to die, she only has a good relationship with her older brother. Sometimes she is a abused if her dad is out and her mom is very drunk. Lacey may be depressed but doesn't admit it.
Project Partner: (I don't know the characters yet so some one else may choose for me)

In Allister High School most people stick with their labels and that's it, you are project partners with another student of the same label and that's it. Until a new teacher comes, her name is Ms. Jules and comes around October, she realizes this and wants to mix things up. It's popular with emo, or emo with nerd, or popular with nerd, artsy with nerd, nerd with jock, so on a so forth. The project goes on all year long between freshmen. What will happen, will friendships for, will people of different labels become more than friends? Maybe people will become enemies! No one knows when this stereotype mix begins.

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