Pricked Thorn (Group Story Sign-Ups: CLOSED)

I know, I have a lot of stories n stuff but ya know. Why not another one.

Chapter 1

Max: Four authors =3 (Includes me)

Heylo, I has new story here. Make sure to read the whole thing because it is important.

Story Is About: 4/8 people (preferably equal girls and boys) who have a bad backstory. There lives are miserable now, too. Then, the villages Crowdon and Varliction go at war. Blood sheds, many die. These four people fight, but soon see that this war was just for blood. No reason, but however they still fight. 10 years later, the fight goes on, and the road turns red. Kids younger than 10 are forced to fight, people over 60 are forced to fight. These people run, to the forest, and become a tribe, with no leader, for they are all leaders. They all are nicknamed or named after plants back at their village. So they call themselves the Seeds, and they have to stop the fight that has gone on long enough! But it is not as easy as they think.


Nicknamed (Only if your character isn't already named after a plant):
Love Interest:
Village (Crowdon or Varliction):
Back Story:
Anything Else:


1. Be named or nicknamed after a plant (Ex: Peach, Rose, Vine, Potato <--- someone please do potato XD)

2. You can make at the most 2 people

3. Must have something sad happen in their life (Ex: Family Member died, abused, slave)

4. Don't make your character completely miserable XD

5. Don't have to join my story :)

6. Please describe, not everything, and it can just be one describing word

My Sign-Up:

Name: Saponaria (Its a flower, look it up =3)
Age: 17
Looks: brown hair with light pink ends, just like a Saponaria, bright blue eyes, pale
Clothes: Wears a pink t-shirt with green ends, and blue jeans with silver sneakers
Personality: Really shy, sweet, sad, scared easily
Weapon: Bow n Arrow expert
Friends/Family: Rachel (friend), Julia (young sis), Heather (dead older sis), Layla (dead mother), Jack (abusive father)
Love Interest: None, too scared to talk to any boys
Village (Crowdon or Varliction): Crowdon
Back Story: Her mother was killed by her father, and Heather ran away just to be soon killed. Saponaria protected Julia, but they still get abused. Saponaria ran away from home in the middle of the night with Julia, and went to an orphanage in the village, and thats where she remains happy but quiet.
Anything Else: She is faster than others, and tends to hide her weapon skills and herself from anyone but Julia. She will protect Julia, and kill herself if she has to.


Name: Alex
Nicknamed (Only if your character isn't already named after a plant): Vine
Age: 14
Looks: brown hair and really blue eyes, pale
Clothing: a red t-shirt with black coat over it, dark blue jeans and sneakers
Personality: friendly, not scared, serious, smart, loves to fight
Weapon: Dagger
Friends/Family: (insert person signing up to be his friend), dead parents, dead siblings
Love Interest: None .-.
Village (Crowdon or Varliction): Varliction
Back Story: His family went on a trip to a far away place and never came back. He was forced to train, but he didn't. He was almost killed but got away, and fought some with a dagger. He didn't want to, but he thought he was trained enough already. He escaped his village and went to live on his own.
Anything Else: He keeps a secret, a bad secret, and he won't tell no one.

Join if you can! Plz, plz? No? ;-;

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