Evil Silence

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I'd clear it up a bit and get it posted. Tell me what you think! Any, and all, Comments are welcome! =D Just make 'em vaguely relevant, yeah? =P

Chapter 1

Blissful silence

The silent ones...

See their cold eyes, planning, scheming.
See their vacant stare.
See their thirst for blood and gore,
follow them everywhere.

You'll never know when they'll hit,
or whether it'll be too late.
For the silent ones know who you are,
the silent ones know how to wait.

You'll think you're always one step ahead,
pity you're much mistaken.
You'll always think you're smarter than them,
pity you're already forsaken.

Sorry sweetie I should have told you,
the silent one is near.
Sorry sweetie but you're next,
the silent one is here.

Oh, didn't I tell you?
the silent one was I.
Yes sweetie you heard correctly,
and now you will die.

And with a silent slash you'll fall,
screaming in agony.
Gushing blood, that sweet red substance,
following darkness like ebony.

Feel the air, it stings your throat,
as the sharp blade cuts.
Feel the frantic pounding of your heart,
as your life stops.

You try to hang on,
hang on to every breath.
But, it's slipping from your lungs,
you have no time left.

I really am very sorry,
it's a pity really.
But I can't let you live no more,
doing otherwise would be silly.

Close your eyes sweetie,
let the darkness take you.
Close your eyes sweetie,
let the light go.


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