A collection of Creepypastas

A collection of Creepypastas

Ok, well, I decided to make this sorta a book of Creepypastas. ^^ I'm pretty much a noob at making them though, so yeah, they might suck. Anyway, thanks for reading. They'll probably mostly be Pokémon based.

Chapter 1

Lavender Town Syndrome -Perfectly sane

I can't wait! I kept thinking over and over, leaving my house to check the mail box. Ever since I ordered the pokemon game from Ebay, I couldn't wait to check it out. And it was so cheap too! I just hope it isn't a fake or a hack. The game should be here soon, and I was so excited to check out Lavender Town, supposedly this game was a rare Japanese version of which the Lavender Town legend was supposed to be in. As I reached for the mailbox, you could probably feel my disappointment from a mile away. The game hadn't come yet.

It was only a couple days later, but a ominous feeling woke me. As I went to check the mail, my instincts told me to run away, but I decided that I just had too much coffee or something. As I touched the box, a chill went down my spine. "What is with me today?" I murmered to myself as I went back inside.

Playing the game without paying much attention, I eagerly awaited my soon arrival in the legendary Lavender Town. The game seemed perfectly normal, besides the fact that the sprites seemed a little... Weird.

As soon as I woke, I went onto my DS Lite and clicked on the game. I was so close to Lavender Town! But the closer I got, the more odd I felt.

I made it into Lavender Town and I immediately made my way to the tower where the supposed messed up music that was supposed to make you insane lurked. As soon as I went into the tower, I got a sudden deep depression and had to put off the game for a couple days.

Completely forgetting my depression, I had wondered why I stopped playing it. Plugging headphones into the DS then putting them on, as I booted up the game I turned up the volume. As soon as my sprite appeared, the music could be heard. However, there seemed to be odd noises in the background. Pokémon cries perhaps? Odd. And at this moment, I got no sudden chills or urges to stop playing which I also found quite odd.

Last night was terrible. I had a nightmare about a very grotesque figure that seemed like a Hypno looming over me, and I could very faintly hear the Lavender Town music.... I won't play the game for today.

Once again I listened to the music. This time for a few hours. As I passed one hour, I started to get a pretty bad headache.

I still have a headache, and sometimes I find myself staring off into space and when my friends wake me up, they say I was muttering 'hypno'. I'll put it off today too.

I STILL have a headache. But I fear that if I put it off any longer, I'll forget the game. So I put the head phones on and booted up the game. After thirty minutes, I has started to see a hypno whenever I closed my eyes.. All I dreamed about was a horribly grotesque image of a shredded, gory hypno with black eyes.

My headache is even worse. I'm starting to regret my decision about the game. But by this time, the images of hypno aren't scaring me. In fact, I'm starting to respect that pokemon. I listened for the game about two hours with no notiable changes.

I can't feel any headache... I feel fine. My friends are even more worried about me now. I keep drawing hypnos on any blank paper I get and I'm apparently humming the Lavender Town tune under my breath. Why don't I notice it? Five hours of beautiful music for me~ I'm even starting to hear the background noises more clearly! Although.. They seem to be even more disturbing then what I thought.

Haha.... Haha. Ever since that one day, I've been getting twelve hours or more of the amazing music. I love it so much! Sometimes, I find myself stabbing my toys with any sharp objects I find... Odd.

Now all I do is listen to that music. I must keep it hidden or they'll find out... My dreams changed. Now hypno talks to me... About fun things.....

My folder in every class is filled with gory images of hypno and people I don't like.. My parents, the teachers, my friends... They're all terribly worried. They don't know.. I won't tell them.

My best friend.. My love even... He's so worried. I think its awesome to see people in such a devastating state of mind... I enjoy it.

He found my DS that was hidden in my large coat pocket one day.. He knew what I had been doing... Hypno talked to me... He told me the human was dangerous. He was right. The boy who I don't seem to remember anymore, he grabbed the DS and chucked it into the road. But I could still hear the music. Still, I loved that DS, he made me angry. On the table, there was a pair of safety scissors. "You should be safer..." I heard myself murmer, approaching. I'd never forget the glorious look of the human, the terror in his eyes when I repeatedly stabbed him with the dull blades.

I had to.. Hypno ordered it. He ordered the death of the human... But everyone's blaming me.. Especially the police. They took me to some room.... I can hardly pay attention... All the time, I was humming the Lavender Town tune.

Ever since that day, They've tried to help me.. It didn't work. All I could hear was the music.. The beautiful, beautiful music........

Who am I? What am I? All I know of is hypno and the music. Maybe I'm a pokemon too? Strange fleshy creatures try talking to me, but when I bite them and they scream... It's just too fun. The crimson liquid they spill tastes delicious.

I can understand them a bit by now. They call me insane. I'm not insane... I'm perfectly normal. I don't see why I wouldn't be, Hypno is the only one who cares now...

Everything is spinning... Everything hurts... The music is even louder in my ears and I see Lord Hypno everywhere............ I also see images of a boy, one who seems familiar, yet I can't grasp it

I've run away. Hiding in an ally. I can't stop humming and drawing Hypno in the dirt. I'm having fun though... Hypno and the music is all I need.

I can't speak, I can't move... I'm floating in music......

I see shadowy figures.... They look like something.. But I just can't remember

..............Everything seems to be.... Getting... Darker


Lord Hypno has abanndonwed neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................

-My last thoughts were: I'm perfectly sane...-

Police reports of a child beginning to act strangely, drawing morbid pictures of death and gore. We consider moving her to a institute to help her. A few days later, she murdered a young boy with a pair of safety scissors, the inflicting area was a large portion of the torso which seems to have been stabbed multiple times. Deciding on taking her away, we do. The change in environment has no effect on the girl.. She keeps talking about 'Lord Hypno' and is humming a odd tune. Now she doesn't talk at all. Just keeps humming and staring at the wall... There is something definitely wrong here. The next day, there's a hole in the wall and blood smeared everywhere. The girl is gone and several guards are either found dead or are missing. After a couple days' search, we find a body in a ally. It's the girl. Her ears won't stop bleeding and while she's dying, she keeps muttering about being 'perfectly sane'. She died later that day, but the doctors could only notify that she bled to death from her ears. But they don't know the cause. No one knows the truth about the mystery of the girl.. But reporters found a broken DS outside of the school one day, and in investigating, they found music in the game that's the same as the tune she was humming. After investigating.. The guards started to act strangely

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