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Chapter 1


by: _Bored_
Hello, people!

I'm bored. And when I'm bored, I come up with pretty good ideas. Well, this idea caused by the never ending boredom of having brothers is I want everyone to choose a Warrior Cat name and clan, and then I'm going to make the Allegiances. Now, for all you non-Warrior fans, I'll explain how you make a name and pick a clan.

Picking a clan is simple. There are five clans. Let me tell you about them.


RiverClan are the water lovers. They hunt from the river in their territory, and aren't afraid of a strong currant, unlike the other clans. This gives them an advantage, and a disadvantage. The advantage is, as the other clans are scared of water, RiverClan are able to drive attacking clans into the river to make it hard to fight, and it's also helpful for getting away from enemies. The disadvantage is, that RiverClan rely on the river for food, so if something happens to the river, or the fish are poisoned, then RiverClan have to resort to land food, which doesn't really work, because they've been trained to catch fish.


Ah, ShadowClan. The fierce, cold clan of cats that live in the pine trees. Elders from the other clans often say that their hearts are chilled by the cold breeze that runs through the pines of their territory. But that's not true. Shadowclan are a bunch of fierce, secretive cats if you're looking at it from an enemy clan point of view, but they really aren't. Shadowclan are proud, and are often the last to admit they're suffering, and the last to except help. They hunt in the shadows, and attack at night, as their dark pelts blend in with their night surroundings. They are a clan of secrets and rumours, and are the only clan who take advantage of the night.


WindClan are the skinny, speedy cats who sleep out in the opens stars of the moor. They like to think they are the closest to StarClan, as they live a short distance from the Moonstone (See StarClan). They hunt rabbits, and other small mammals if they're stupid enough to enter the open, bare territory of the moors. WindClan are often the Clan who suffer the most, because if something happens to the rabbits, then they've nothing to eat, and often end up stealing prey from other clans territories. WindClan are the calmest in unprotected spaces, as they have been born to a life of little trees and hiding places, unless you're willing to take a chance and duck into a badger or fox burrow. Unlike the other clans, they highly dislike being in enclosed spaces, like forests with many trees and bushes, as they feel unsafe and trapped. In a fight, WindClan have an small advantage of being fast and hard to catch, but are often challenged by the other clans as WindClan aren't as strong.


ThunderClan is a clan of brave, selfless warriors. They hunt in the forest on mice, voles, squirrels, and other birds and mammals. Their main problems are foxes and badgers, as they enjoy the forest just as much as ThunderClan, but they often are able to drive them off. ThunderClan have an advantage in battle, as the other clans aren't as use to fighting in thick undergrowth, but have a disadvantage as they are easy to catch in open space.


StarClan is the place where dead cats go, so you won't really want to pick this one, I just thought I'd mention it, it seemed rude not to.


Okay, so now you know about the Clans, I'm going to show you how to make a Warrior Cat name.

Firstly, the name has to be something nature-related. Here are some good and bad examples.

Good examples:


Bad examples:

Car kit
Starpaw (Yes, I know that it's nature-related, but when you read the ranks you can pick you'll understand)

PFFFT, that last one was a bit desperate, wasn't it?



In a clan, there are 9 ranks. These are the ranks you may choose from.

Leader (
Medicine Cat
Medicine Cat Apprentice
Warrior Apprentice
Queen (A she-cat that is going to have kits or has kits and has to feed and watch them)

Now, let me tell you about the ranks...


Being a leader is a big responsibility. Being leader means you must ensure that all cats in your clans are well fed, fit, and able to fight another clan. As leader, you must sometime in you leadership, make a choice of whether you must send you cats into battle and risk them dying, or not let them and risk being seen as weak and unable to fight. When a leader is made leader after being a deputy, they take on the last name of 'Star'. Here's an example.

So, just say your name was Willowleaf. If you were deputy, and you leader died, or joined the elders, you would then become leader and be given the name 'Willowstar' by StarClan, same with all the other leaders. Here, if you're still unsure, look at this:


See what I mean now?


As deputy, you will some day become leader, but until then, you organise the border patrols and hunting patrols for your clan. Deputies are aloud to have mates, but if a she-cat has fallen pregnant when they're a deputy, they will be moved to the nursery where the Queens are kept and a temporary deputy will be picked.

Medicine Cat

A medicine cat has the biggest role in the Clan. As medicine cat, you must heal and care for every ill or injured cat in your clan, even if they annoy you to death. Being a medicine cat, you must memorize every herb and know it's uses and where to find it.

Medicine Cat Apprentice

A medicine cat apprentice is an apprentice training to become a medicine cat when your mentor dies/retires to the Elders den. This stage, you learn which herbs are which, how to use them, why you use them, and where to find them.


A warrior is a cat who hunts and feeds his/her clan, and will die fighting for them. Some warriors are chosen to mentor apprentices and train them how to hunt and fight for their clan, until the apprentice is given it's warrior name and becomes a warrior (See The process of becoming an apprentice to a warrior).

Warrior Apprentice

An apprentice is a young cat being trained to become a warrior. As an apprentice, you will be given the last name, 'paw', and will keep that name until given your warrior name. Training includes learning how to hunt, how to fight, and often you'll be given the duty of clerking the dirty moss from the nursery and elders den.


An elder is a warrior/medicine cat/leader who has dedicated his/her life to the clan and is too old to continue with warrior duties. Elders have food bring to them, and often tell the kits stories and give the apprentices either a scolding or some warrior advice. Elders are respected from their wisdom and knowledge and are held in a very high position in the clan.


Well, kit's are kit's, I guess. I mean, they're born, they become an apprentice, then a warrior, and perhaps deputy and then leader. Kits are pesky, adorable, and everybody love them :D

~The process of you name~

When you're a kit, your mother and father give you a name (Well, in the books they do, but you get to choose in this). This is how the process of names work.


As a kit, if you chose 'Poppy' as your first name, you would be given the name 'Poppykit.' Then, when you become and apprentice at six months, you would be given the name, 'Poppypaw.' Then, as a warrior, your leader would chose you a last name like 'Poppyleaf'. If you manage to become a deputy, then your name would stay the same, but when you become leader, you would be given the name 'Poppystar.'

Now, this is what we have so far:


Leader: Unsure, but I'm going to check with Lilypotter101 if she wants to be leader.
Deputy: Me, Dawnwhisker
Medicine cat: I_Wear_A_FezXD, Willowstream
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Unsure
None, at the moment
-- Still none...
Kits: None
Elders: None


Leader: None
Deputy: None
Medicine cat: None
Medicine Cat Apprentice: None
Warriors: None
Apprentices: None


Okay, still none.


None -_-

Okay, if there's something I've missed, please tell me, and I'll fix it :D


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