LABELS. Let me clear this up (please share to friends).

This is in my rant book but I've edited it a little because some of the things I've said in it were really quite nasty (just shows how angry I was).

Okay, read on. ;)

Chapter 1

Rant on Labels (for)

Okay, say you're on a very uneducated "Are emo, goth, scene or punk?" quiz, and there's someone in the comments who is like "Oh, I hate labels, why not just be yourself?" and then everyone is like "Yeah, yeah" all agreeing etc.

But these idiots don't see the actual problem with those of those statements.

The first one is that these uneducated individuals don't know that these aren't the only labels in the world. How many call yourself a Christian? Bisexual? A musician? An actor? A photographer? Those are labels too.

If you didn't label yourself, you'd be a nobody. Well, you wouldn't even be a nobody because "nobody" can be a label! And there's nothing worse being a nobody. Labels help define who you are, even if you don't want to be labelled you're still going to be so just quit whining and ignore it.

Oh, fine if you don't want to be labelled. If you're a Goth, go ahead and write out what movies you like, how you dress, what you read, what music you listen to, what your interests are and most importantly your aesthetic every single time someone asks you who you are. You see how labels are really important now? If there was no such thing as the word "Goth" (which would create so many problems btw) I would have to write out... I'm not gonna even write it out again, go and read this paragraph again. But you get the idea, right?

Yeah, so if you're a Christian, explain every time you meet someone that you have put all your faith in Jesus in God and that you love them. Gonna get very repetitive once you've told all those people, or why not just say the word "Christian" instead? It's the own persons fault if he/she doesn't know what that means. That's their own problem, but considering Christian is quite a popular label I'm sure you won't need to.

Some labels don't even have a very big meaning. Like "ailurophile". Sounds pretty serious, doesn't it? No, the meaning of that word is "cat lover". Okay?

And I know that these people mean "Goth", "Punk" and "Hippie" only. But these are subcultures, and they're there for a reason. These people don't seem to realize that, they think they are fashion fads or something. The definition of a subculture is a group of people who have similar interests. We aren't trying to be "unique" or "different" either, even though we are different because out of nearly a whole school of people there'll only be a few goths, well real ones, anyway, I'm sure.

You have people saying, "Oh, why not just be normal". Well, first off, what the actual f♥ck is normal? Everyone is different. Oh? You mean one of those people who wear t-shirt and jeans everyday, someone who listens to the top 40 only because listening to anything else would be... would be, just weird??? Or do you mean a sheep? Someone who follows the crowd because they fear they're going to be hated by other people who also do that?

Well let me tell you. That's disgusting.

Also, it's kind of... offensive. So you're saying just because someone is a Punk, that isn't normal? Or are you actually just using "normal" meaning someone who actually doesn't fit in to any of these. Of course you are, you didn't even think of the other meanings that word could bring up before you said it.

And it's quite lazy if you're someone who says that, it shows ignorance too.

ANOTHER thing, that these people don't get, is the fact that we are being ourselves. A shock right? Someone doesn't wake up one day and say, "I am going to be Goth today". It happens naturally and you turn out to be whoever the f♥ck you are, because that's you (unless you're a peado or you're a rapist or something, then that's wrong and scum like you need to be put in prison) but you get what I mean.

You know if you're happy, because you are being yourself. Being someone you're not for any reason makes you unhappy, trust me, I've been there. Hence "xXEmoFirestarXx". (I'm appalled at myself, really.)

So yeah, people can't help if they are Goth, or if they are Punk. You either are or you aren't. It's who they are. (The same can't be said for "emos" or scene kids because you can make yourself like that, by listening to a certain type of music or dressing in a certain way. They don't have aesthetics like Goth and Punk do). But they are being themselves and you should really gtfo if you don't like it or you think they aren't being themselves because they really are and they weren't born to please you.


P.S Will you please share this to your friends who have such a problem with these innocent little labels? I don't have many friends any more because I'm not even supposed to be on here but I'm seeing too many negative rants about labels. Thanks! :D


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