May not be around much longer.

Not for attention.
Just letting everybody know.

Chapter 1

How much longer.

by: Nikolia
Hello everyone.
I may not be around much longer.
Everyday i feel more and more of a failure and i just can't handle everything else. The voice in my head is getting louder and i just can't take it. I really can't.
My heart has been getting worse everyday. Only a matter of time before it screws up. It hurts when i breath in and it feels like when i breath it pulls on a string that's just about to break.
Two days ago i cut down my wrist to the point i almost passed out, i felt so sick and dizzy and weak. After i did this the voice in my head said ''It's that easy to kill yourself. THAT easy.''

What you all need to know is that this isn't a suicide story, i'm not leaving yet but.. I don't know how long till i might be sitting here typing up a suicide story..

I am so sorry.
But no matter what, don't cry, don't mourn.

I'm a failure and a waste of space and i can't handle anything anymore..

Dont miss me.


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