Why I Can No Longer Call Myself a Fan of Asking Alexandria

Trust me. The reason why isn't the reason you think it is.

Chapter 1

Why are they like this?

Now a lot of metalheads say that the music alone is enough to stay away from them alone yet I dunno, I actually like their music. But... as a feminist, I cannot support them anymore. And you guys KNOW that I'm not a super, mega, ultra feminist BUT I know when enough is enough. This f--king band is making it so evident that they have no goddamn respect for women that its actually making me sick to my stomach.

Let me explain:

The first red flag was raised when I heard their song "Not the American Average" which the song is pretty good, I must admit but the lyrics is the most blatant example of misogyny and entitlement culture that I've seen in one song. ...I cannot even f--king write the lyrics here. They are goddamn HORRIBLE I swear. Just... if you really wanna know, go look up the song on youtube or something. Especially near the end, the song makes me want to punch the singer in the face.

However, even after this, I actually did let it slide. I kept listening to them because they were one of my fave bands and besides, I thought well, since they have a new album out, if I listened to their new stuff it will turn out that maybe, hopefully, they would have turned from their ways.

This, however was not the case. They only "turned from their ways" in the sense that they were "quitting" drugs but apparently they aren't even doing THAT anymore. Anyway, the first music video I saw on the album is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl1lS6B9pMc
The song and lyrics were actually pretty good but... THEN THERE'S THE VIDEO. OH BOY.

The video basically consists of a child version of Danny Worsnop (The lead singer.) going into a sort of warehouse. Inside, the lights turn on and there are 5 very s-xualized (and not just the regular amount for usual music videos I mean this takes the damn cake) women trapped in what appears to be vending machines and they all represents drugs. The kid is given one coin to pick which one he wants to free. He frees one then money rains down and all of them can break out. Just watch the vid, it will make more sense as to why I'm annoyed.

I wouldn't mind if there were drugs in the vending machines as the message of the song is quitting drugs but why use women as the analogy for drugs? Further more why show them trapped in vending machines as if they are objects you can buy? And why are they treated like performing animals?

I tried to ignore this as much as I could. Why? Because I was a stupid fangirl. I mindlessly followed this band. So continuing, I came across the last straw where I really had to think "does this band even deserve my support?". And that was when they were doing an interview for a magazine and they revealed how they used to (and probably still do) view women: They said that in the Asking Alexandria world women are not women, they are "chicks". They also revealed to us about how they brought women backstage. And I bloody quote Ben Bruce when he says "We printed out these passes with 'Tulsa' written on them which is 'a sl-t' written backwards. So the crew member would go round the show and find hot girls. If they were over 18, he'd give them a pass and we'd go offstage to a dressing room" And later on it says "there are normally girls in venues and buses partying with us, these days we just don't get all of them!"

There are fangirls out there who see these things like I did but turn a blind eye and convince themselves that "OMG MY HEROES ARE PERFECT" even though the band doesn't even respect them as people. Its really sad. And that's why its a shame because I like the music but I cannot support Asking Alexandria anymore. I'm sorry.


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