Can I just say.... (Read Please)

Hey, what can I say? I was feeling the love!

Chapter 1

I'm a sappy fool.... xP

Okay, I know you probably don't care but can I just say that I love you guys?

I love all my friends on here, I love Quibblo itself, I love being able to connect with people who like the same things that I do in a way that I can't do outside Quibblo.

You may not know this but I am VERY SHY and socially awkward in person so that means it is really hard for my to connect and make friends. Plus I'm just really weird.... But it's totally different on here, easier I suppose, and I'm just thankful for all of it.

So, in conclusion, you're awesome and I'm sorry for wasting your time with my sappyness! XD


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