The Ransom (South Park Story)

Kenny wakes up only to find that he and the others (Cartman,Kyle,Stan,Craig,Tweek,Clyde,Token,and Butters) have been kidnapped by a phsycotic man. How will things turn out? (WARNING!:Contains blood and foul language) A SOUTH PARK STORY

Chapter 1

Dead Silence

by: Katz123
Kenny's POV

I opened my eyes only to find darkness. Where am I? And why does my head hurt so much? I gritted my teeth but the pain was so emense I couldn't keep in a groan.

"K-Kenny is that you?"

Is that who I think it is? "Butters is that you?",I say. Bad choice. My head starts hurting even more.

"Yup it's m-me. K-Kenny do you know where we are at?",Butters asked.

I was about to answer back but suddenly a cough racked through my body and a metalic liquid came out as I coughed into my hand. I still couldn't see but I think it didn't take a genius to figure out what it was.


"Looks like they're all up now!",A voice said as lights turned on and revealed my surroundings. I looked around saw Me, Butters,Kyle,Stan,Craig,Clyde,Token, and fat *ss Cartman all in a small room that looked like a cell.

"Oh my gosh! K-Kenny are you ok!?",Butters asked in complete worry. Wait why was he worried?

"Where the **ck are we!?",Cartman yelled out loud before I even had the chance to answer Butters.

"Welcome! You guys are going to play my game! You guys must obey me or else there will be a punishment waiting for you!~",A man who now stood by the door said.

"Well why the h-ll did you guys have to hurt Kenny!?",Kyle yelled angerly. Why is everybody thinking that im hurt? Sure my head hurt but..

The man looked over at me and said "The boy in the orange parka almost woke up in the middle of the night when we went to go get you guys so we knocked out before he could wake up but I guess we hit him to hard!~",The man laughed. I touched my head only to feel a long cut on my forehead..So that's why my head hurt..

"Im not going to play your stupid game!",Craig said. "I don't participate in anything I think that sucks."

The man looked over at Craig and smiled the creepiest smile I ever saw in my whole life. "Oh really? Well maybe this will change your mind?",He asked evily as he opened only door to the room and what was on the other side actually have some emotion for once.

"T-Tweek?",Craig asked like he was convincing himself this wasn't real.

On the other side was Tweek covered in blood and cuts. He was tied up in rope that prevented him from moving that much but you could tell he was twitching like crazy.

"C-Craig help me",Tweek coughed out as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Let him go!",Craig yelled out with rage.

"Here you can have him!~",The guy laughed as he pushed Tweek into the room. "Well see you tomorrow!~", the guy laughed as he went out of the room and locked the door behind him.

Craig ran over to Tweek and quickly untied the ropes off him. "We need to get him help!",Craig was right. Tweek was losing ALOT of blood.

"I don't think there's anything we can do",Stan said sadly.

Butters moved over by me and started crying. "K-Kenny, I'm scared",He sobbed out.

I put my hand on his shoulder and tried to comfort him as we all sat there in the dead silence.

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