Tounge Tied.

Chapter 2

I'm me. But I wish I wasn't.

by: _Bored_
'Poppy, get up.' Whispered a voice.

I opened my eyes, but not that it made a difference.

All I could ever see is blackness.

'Poppy, come on, or you'll be late for school.'

I struggled up, the heavy quilt of my bed smothering me.

I heard a rustle, and a thump on the end of my bed.

'Your school clothes are here, Poppy.'

I sighed.

'Thankyou, Fern.'

Fern's my older sister.

I admire her.

She's a year older than me, but we're like twins.

She protects me, helps me, and I tried somewhat to help her.

'Here, let me help you.' Fern murmured quietly.

I smiled.


Fern helped me sit up, and pulled my quilt off for me.

I swung my leg out of bed, and slide onto the carpet ungracefully.

Fern giggled, and I couldn't help but giggle too.

'Here, I'll go get your leg.'

I heard Fern's footstep fading, and then heard them return again, mixed with the clanking of metal.

'Could you put it on for me?'

Fern didn't answer, she just did.

I stood up, a bit wobbly at first, but then I could balance, and I walked to the end of my bed to get my uniform.

First, I got out of my nightie, then I slipped on my dress and rugby jumper as Fern made my bed.

'Hey, Poppy, I think you might need some stockings today, the news said it was suppose to be quite cold today.

I grinned, and pulled out a pair of stockings and put them on.

'So, how do I look?'

Fern giggles.

'Like some hot chic all the boys can't help but chase.'

I giggled, knowing that would never be me, thank goodness...

'Fern, Poppy, quick girls, or you'll miss the bus!'

Fern and I sighed together and walked down the stairs and into the hallway.

I heard my mother giggle.

'Pink stockings today, huh, Poppy?' I blushed and smiled.

'Why not? Pink sounds like a nice colour.'

Fern, my mother and I all started laughing.

'Come on, quick, I've packed your lunches, now you gotta run down to the bus stop.' My mother chided.

I smiled and walked out the door with Fern after hugging my mother and telling her I love her.

'Have a good day!' She called.

'We will!' I called back.

Fern held my hand as we walked down to the bus stop.

It was a short walk, only about five minutes long.

'Here comes James!' Whispered Fern, into my ear.

We quickly made it look like we were having a deep and meaningful conversation, until he had walked past.

'Thank Goodness...' Whispered Fern.

I nodded in agreement and clutched at Fern's hand tightly as we walked across the dirt road.

On the other side was the bus stop.

'Ooh, Poppy, someone's here for you!' Fern giggled.

I mentally facepalmed.

When I was little, I had a 'FRIEND', Chloe.

I thought we were BFF'S forever, until it turned out she was just hanging out with me to make her old best friend jealous.

By the time I worked it out, I had poured out everyone single one of my secrets to her.

Guess how long it took for my secrets to become rumours?

Just one lunch.

One lunch, and my social life was ruined.

Worst of all, I had told her who my crush was.

Everyone forgot the other rumours as soon as they heard.

But they didn't forget who my crush was.

'Shut up, Fern.' I hissed.

Fern giggled.

'It's okay, you don't need to worry, he's asked me out already.'

I felt my jaw drop.

'Jason asked you out?!' I gasped.

'Uh, sorry Poppy, I don't think Antarctica heard you clearly enough.' Fern muttered sarcastically.

'What did you say?!'

'Yes...' Fern giggled.

I couldn't help it.

I burst out laughing.

This time, I reckon Antarctica heard me.

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