I stole 2 lines from some girl named Kortney/Courtney. The rest are mine.

Chapter 1

Is love even true?

What is pain?
I can tell you what it is and how it feels.
Pain is real.
Pain is true.

Have you ever loved someone so much you didn't know what to do?
Your heart is telling you to go but your minds got you so confused.
I hate you, I truly do. Nah I'm just playin'.

You said you loved me but you don't act like it.
You said you wanted to be with me but why are you not being with me?
You said you wouldn't be with another girl but you are.
When I looked at you I thought you were wise but I got to know who you are, and you left like all the other guys.

If I could and it wasn't illegal, I would kill you. I really don't care if I have to.
While you're lying there dead, I hope you have an open casket so I can spit in your face.
F^©k you and your grave.
Man, I just want to say f^©k you and f^©k all of this $|-|!t too.

Now I know love may not be true, but you have to find it within you.


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