C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E literally means *Children of High Abilities for a New Generation that Evolved.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1~Ophelia Mae Scotts

The dormitory was dark and soft snores from the other girls could be heard while they slept soundly, their dreams rummaging through their minds while my mind was awake, on alert and not able to relax. I couldn't even begin to try and relax for my heart raced quickly, my pulse beated as if it was giving me a type of electrifying energy that made my stomach spiral into a million of different directions. I shivered underneath my wool electronic heated blanket as a bone chilling gust over took my body. I knew what it was that was making me this nervous, this cold, and this sick was due to the fact that the ceremony that we would find out what community we would live in for majority of our lives was taking place today.

We had taken the test for this ceremony about a week ago and the process never did once leave my mind. I've been close to an emotional break down all week from the jitters and the voices in the back of my mind telling me that I couldn't fail and be outcasted in this school. I hid it well though, for a smile on your face I learned in my early life does wonders to the way people look at you.

I sighed and finally swallowed the lump that started to form in my throat before swinging my legs out of the warm cozy blanket and onto the cold wood floor as I pulled myself up into a standing position. I peered around at the dark, hardly dimmed room seeing bunches of blankets still up and over majority of the people's heads, either sleeping or trying to stay warm in this Russian morning. After pulling a sweatshirt that was about 3 sizes too big over my head to hide my night tank top, I walked into the bathroom hall where all the girls within this school shared about 5 of them. The bathrooms consisted of all the same colors right now, the walls were an off white that held a black splash of a metallic blue with glass floors underneath our feet, reflecting the ice that our school sat above. It wasn't the most enjoyable way to start a morning, but it was just another way to get ready and today I was going to enjoy if it's the last thing I do. I mean after all, this will be the last time I ever see these bathrooms again since today we're separating from each other.

When I was finally out of my thoughts and ready to focus on the day ahead, I readied my shower and started to go through the typical morning routines. I was half past the 6 AM hour when I stepped back and gazed into the mirror, for I was finally ready. I was dressed up in a knee length tube tan dress with dark brown details spiraled with the detailed lace. My brown hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, my blue eyes faded with my pale skin for today was a day where we all wore brown for our last chance of unity before our separation of communities would take place and new colors would take over our wardrobes.

I looked down at my hands after walking out of the connected bathrooms only to see them shaking as everyone in the room started to move around, some of them in a ghoulish, monstrous way, others full of energy with a bounce to their steps, and lastly some looking like they wished they could just sink within the walls and hide from the day that was ahead of us. Since I was ready, I followed the opposite direction that the other girls were going and simply sat on my bed, my knees curling beneath me while I opened my mind, offering for it to consume me before I started seeing pictures of the past.

I was in a room that was pitched back. My voice was weak and my arms and legs couldn't move. I tried lifting my neck up to focus my eyes on something, but there was nothing to see. My wrists were glued to this cold, almost breath taking cold metal sheet, my ankles in the same position. I heard a shuffle from the back of the room and the smallest ray of light leaking into the small area.

"Ophelia Mae Scotts?" The voice questioned, it was a man's voice, but his voice wasn't soft but not exactly cold at the same time, it was monotonous that gave off a distrusting and skeptical feel behind it.

I looked up shyly; my lip quivering like any 9 year olds would before answering my name, "Yes sir that's me."

He pushed up his glasses and turned on an eye blinding bright light that seemed to burn holes near where my wrists and ankles rested along with creating pain through my eyes.

He spoke, his voice with a lack of empathy, "It's time for another round."

I groaned internally and looked up, my blue-grey eyes growing round, as my lower lip pouted out, I didn't say a thing, but with my expression I was trying to plead thinking to myself, "No no, not this again, please I can't handle another round."

"You'll be fine." The bald man with spectacles stated, trying to be reassuring but a compassionate bone in his body could never be found. He was a man of science, not a man of kindness, which was what I loathed most about him. I was a human kid, not some sort of toy to mess around with.

I didn't ever speak my mind though, that was always out of the question for ever since I could remember, I knew what my role was here. I would be tested on, like I some sort of rat, I never understood why me and why the others and why we were even here to begin with, but I knew where the power stood and I wasn't the type to go against that even if it made me unhappy.

I never received a warning for what was happening next, for the man didn't speak to me again that day but the next thing that happened before I knew anything else was this jolting, aching pain going through my whole body, starting with tingling sensations in my toes before shooting up to my spine in a fiery sensation that made my mouth gape open and my back arch from the major ache that was spreading within seconds. I felt some sort of power bursting through my veins like every time this happened, it was a cooling sort of power that helped the pain I was feeling out, but it wasn't strong, in fact it was faint, almost invisible, but it was there.

My eyes blinked and shifted back to the room as I was finally brought back to the present instead of the past that would always echo through my mind. More and more people were starting to finish getting ready and I knew for the time being now, all we had was time to wait before the ceremony.

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