The Second Quibblo Allstars (Update)

It's back

Chapter 1

New Rules, different games

by: Cam12
So Quibblo Allstars is coming to a end, so to give time before the next contest lets get our new contestants. This next contest will actually have teams of two. Here I how the second Quibblo Allstars games will be played:

There will be four groups of classes with four teams of two. In each week a contest will be put up. These contest won't only be quizzes but other surprising things.

Each round, one team in each class will be given a point. After six to eight rounds, the top two teams in each class will move on. Then the tourney will start.

To qualify for the contest, all you have to do is post you and your partners name. Once I comment on your comment, you will need to write a two chapter group story with your partner. This is why I am starting the sign ups now.

Once I get your comment with you and your partners name, I will give you one of three topics:
•Natural Disaster
•A Kidnapping
•Stuck in Siberia

The contest will begin a week or two after the current quibblo Allstars ends. Good luck and please repost so everyone can have a chance to be entered. Good Luck.

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